Review: The Black Bat #9

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Review of: The Black Bat #9
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Brian Buccellato

The Black Bat #9

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On February 26, 2014
Last modified:February 26, 2014


The Black Bat continues to deliver. Buccellato and company have really taken things to an entirely new level these last few months.

To save Carol Baldwin’s life, the Black Bat must do the unthinkable and break his most hated enemy out of prison. But will doing so cement his status as an outlaw? Also, the police start to lose their grip on the city as vigilantism takes hold with disastrous results.

The Black Bat has his back against the wall this month in Black Bat #9. The story is written by Brian Buccellato with art by Ronan Cliquet. Mat Lopes tackles colors with Rob Steen providing lettering.  The Black Bat has really hit its stride these last few issues. Does #9 keep the streak going?

Carol has been kidnapped and Tony isn’t sure who did it or who he can trust. To get Carol back, Tony is told he has to suit up as the Black Bat and break Snate out of prison. The police are trying to close in on the Black Bat as they declare him public enemy #1 with a bounty on his head, but breaking Snate out of jail would prove to the public the Black Bat is just as bad as the police are trying to make him out to be. Tony’s in a sticky situation no matter what he does. Will he do what’s necessary to save Carol? Does he love her enough to help his archenemy? Will the police close in on the Bat?

Buccellato writes an action-packed and incredibly dramatic issue. It seems the trend is to build things up with great storytelling and then have an issue of all-out action. This combines storytelling and action to add a few twists and turns to the things we’ve seen playing out in the series so far. These last four issues or so have really cemented Black Bat’s status as a great title. Cliquet’s art is great. He’s really able to sell the action and intensity. Not only do the action scenes hit the mark, the artist is able to really sell the emotion through body language and facial expressions. Lopes’ colors are a subdued and dark, bringing a really dark and gritty feel to the story.

Bottom Line: The Black Bat continues to deliver. Buccellato and company have really taken things to an entirely new level these last few months. What we thought we knew may not even be close to what’s really going on, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. 4.5/5


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