Review: The Black Bat #6

Review of: Black Bat #6
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Brian Buccellato

Black Bat #6

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On October 2, 2013
Last modified:October 1, 2013


Black Bat #6 is the best issue yet.

Detective Brody is on the move with the suitcase bomb. Will he plant it in the courthouse before The Black Bat finds him? The clock is ticking and all hope rests on the Black Bat’s shoulders!

Black Bat #6 hits comic book stores this week. The series is written by Brian Buccellato with art by Ronan Cliquet. Mat Lopes handles colors with Rob Steen providing lettering. The Black Bat crossed the line last month, but he’s hot on the trail of the missing cops. Can he find them in time?

The Black Bat had to kill the Brute after being lead into a trap deep underground. With his biggest lead now lying in a pool of his own blood, the Bat has to try and get answers from the Brute’s kidnapping victim. The man was taken because he did some programing work for the Brute and he was about to be a loose end that got tied up. The computer programmer did a little work on a farm out in the middle of nowhere. The Black Bat knows this is where the cops are being hidden, so he rushes off to try and get to them. Back at headquarters the Bat’s mysterious benefactors are worried that the mission went south so quickly and contact with the Bat and the Brute has been lost. As everyone races against the clock, Detective Brody is heading to the courthouse with the suitcase bomb. Will Black Bat be able to save the kidnapped cops and stop the courthouse from being blown up? What happens if he makes the wrong call?

Buccellato writes a strong issue. Black Bat puts the pieces together quickly, then the rest of the story is a giant race to make sure the cops are safe and the bomb is stopped. It’s an incredibly tense issue with a heck of a conclusion. The series has been slow building at times, but things are very fast-paced this time around with plenty of twists and turns. Cliquet’s art is stronger with each issue. The character work and action sequences are impressive. The panel layout makes for a cinematic experience as we see the story unfold in a pulse-pounding way. Lopes’ colors are always great. Things are subdued and look really dark and gritty. It fits with the crime drama approach Buccellato has taken.

Bottom Line: Black Bat #6 is the best issue yet. Things have been building up to this moment and the way it unfolds will shock you. I guarantee it. 4/5

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