Review: The Black Bat #5

Review of: The Black Bat #5
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Brian Buccellato

The Black Bat #5

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On September 4, 2013
Last modified:September 4, 2013


The action takes a backseat so we can get some more story beats, but at least the story is interesting.

The Black Bat’s loyalty to Carol and his mystery benefactors are put to the test when he is ordered to team up with a foe from his past. Also, Snate’s suitcase bomb is on the move, putting hundreds of lives in danger!

Black Bat #5 hits comic book stores today. The series is written by Brian Buccellato with art by Ronan Cliquet. Mat Lopes provides colors with Rob Steen handling lettering. A lot of things have been building up with this series in the previous four issue, do we finally start getting some payoff?

After being rescued by another enhanced person created by his mysterious benefactors, the Black Bat finds himself recuperating in the compound. His super powered savior is none other than The Brute, the musclebound baddie he faced back in issue #1. The Brute was a tough case then, but with all of the enhancements he’s been given, he’s nearly unstoppable. Black Bat starts to question what the motives of Carol and his mysterious employers really are. When The Brute gives them a clue as to where the missing cops are being hidden, Black Bat finds himself forced into a partnership with the strongman. While our hero and his new sidekick are off trying to find the cops, Rebecca (the wife of one of the missing policemen) keeps demanding something be done at headquarters. After being shut down yet again, she runs into a Professor Cameron and has a rather ominous conversation. Has the Black Bat finally gotten the clue he needs to find the missing policemen? Can he trust The Brute? More importantly, can he trust Carol?

Buccellato writes another solid issue. This one is more dialogue heavy than some of the others, but it serves as a turning point for a lot of the plot points. The Bat starts to question what he’s being told to do, and he finds himself in an uneasy alliance with a former enemy. His main priority is finding the cops, so he’ll work with The Brute…for now. We get a little forward movement with the overall story, but it feels like things could be kicked up a notch or two to keep a more action-oriented pace. Cliquet’s art is great as always. He keeps things moving and interesting even in the dialogue heavy scenes, but the two-page spread where Black Bat and The Brute fight is truly exceptional. The panel layout and character movements are top notch. Lopes’ colors have become more subdued and almost pastel. It works well and allows for some of the finer details to pop off of the page.

Bottom Line: It seems we’ve reached a turning point with The Black Bat. Things have been set up and now some of the answers are starting to come out. The action takes a backseat so we can get some more story beats, but at least the story is interesting. Black Bat has taken the character in a bold, new direction. 3.5/5

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