Review: The Black Bat #11

Review of: Black Bat #11
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Brian Buccellato

Black Bat #11

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On June 4, 2014
Last modified:June 3, 2014


Black Bat #11 is a pulse-pounding climax to what has been an impressive series.

Black Bat has managed to toe the line throughout his quest for redemption. But when someone close to him dies, will he finally cross that line and become a killer? Also, Oliver Snate’s mystery guardian angel pulls back the curtain and finally reveals himself… propelling this story towards its gut-wrenching conclusion.

The Black Bat is getting closer to the end of his journey this month with the release of issue #11. The story is written by Brian Buccellato with art by Ronan Cliquet. Viviane Souza handles colors with Rob Steen tackling lettering. Black Bat has been gearing up for what seems like an explosive finale, but does the penultimate issue start to pay off that promise?

Last month the police had Black Bat and Silk surrounded and it looked like there was no escape for our hero this time. Cameron Tell was revealed to be the true evil mastermind who had been pulling all the strings since the beginning, and it seemed like Tell was finally going to rid himself of the growing problem the Bat was becoming to his plan. When the cops start closing in on the Bat and shots are being fired, not everyone is going to make it out alive. Our hero may have to break one of his promises as well. When the dust settles, who is left standing? Will Tony be able to get his revenge on Tell? What is his ultimate goal anyway?

Buccellato writes an incredibly action-packed issue this month. With just over half of the issue being devoted to the police raid and the Black Bat’s attempt at escape, the issue delivers up some movie quality thrills and twists while still presenting some surprising story developments that further the plot. Buccellato has been building up to something really big, and now that’s starting to be paid off with the final few pieces starting to fall into place. Cliquet’s art is great as always. The artist does a stellar job of presenting the aforementioned movie quality action. By changing up the panel layout and playing with perspective, Cliquet gives the big raid a sense of urgency that makes the ready antsy to turn the page and see what happens next. The art is elevated thanks to Souza’s rather interesting color choices. The heat vision colors are crisp as always, but the uses of greens, oranges, and reds really spices things up and gives the book a unique look.

Bottom Line: Black Bat #11 is a pulse-pounding climax to what has been an impressive series. With a huge action setpiece and a rather shocking conclusion, this is one you really can’t miss. 4.5/5

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