Review: Bigfoot- Sword Of The Earthman #5


Penultimate chapter of the six-issue mini finds Bigfoot and his alien sidekick captives of the red demon of the desert and its overlord, the Great Lord Jeoffa. Having successfully evaded giant desert fire ants, blood-sucking moth-vampires and murderous Turonian Jungle poachers, the beyond exhausted Bigfoot and Bagworm find themselves bloodied, beaten and dragged before the Great Lord Jeoffa.  To save his own life, the conniving Bagworm is faced with the ultimate realization… Time has run out for the “Earthman.” The dying planet needed a hero… what they got was a Sasquatch.

bigfoot coverThe penultimate installment of Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman hits this week. You may remember we reviewed the first four issues of the six-issue miniseries late last year. If you missed it or just need to jog your memory, you can click here for that. The fifth issue of the story of a stranded Bigfoot being hunted on Mars is written by Josh S. Henaman with line art by Andy Taylor. Tamra Bonvillain rounds things out with coloring. The first four issues were a fantastic read, but how are things shaping up now that the end is near?

When last we saw Bagworm, he was captured by the red demon of the desert. Lord Jeoffa demands that Bigfoot be brought before him and made an example to the people. Bigfoot, who is called the Earthman, is tracked down and things go from bad to worse and Bagworm and the Earthman are marched back to where they first met. Lord Jeoffa is happy enough with the capture of the creature, so he’s willing to let Bagworm go if he agrees to use his skillset as a storyteller to let everyone know that the Earthman has failed and he is not the protector the people hoped for. Faced with a tough decision, Bagworm has to decide if a bag of money and his freedom means more than his big, quiet friend. There will be twist, there will be turns, and there will be big surprises, but who makes it out of the other side in one piece? With one issue left, you know things are going to get explosive!

Henaman writes a fantastic issue. This one pays off on a lot of the things set up in the previous issue in terms of character development and what motivates our two main characters. This one is tense and very dramatic the entire way through. The action comes into play in the final few pages, and it makes the set-up for the finale all the more interesting. Taylor’s art is great as usual. The world building and the way the artist populates it with fantastical creatures and humanoid aliens is impressive. There’s a high level of details here as the world is made completely believable. In a comic full of great scenes, Bigfoot is still a standout character. He always takes over the page, just as he should. Bonvillain’s colors perfectly complement the art and makes thing really pop off the page. Things are bright and vibrant, but there’s always a reddish hue to the scenery since we’re on the big red planet.

Bottom Line: This is the best issue yet. Everything has been building to this and now we wait for what looks to be an all-out, action-packed finale. Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman is a weird, crazy, and really engaging series. It has a great story with a really crazy hook. Even if you took Bigfoot out of it, this would still be a solid and engaging series. 5/5

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