Review: Bertie Bear And The Dagger Of A Thousand Souls #2


Bertie Bear; world famous monster hunter and adventurer, is contacted by the American FBI to hunt down the legendary Dagger of a Thousand Souls before an evil mob boss/dark wizard and a whole cult of vicious vampires can get their hands on it. Danger is assured especially as Bertie is familiar with some of the players! Will he take the job? Is he getting the full story? There’s only one way to find out!

bertie coverBack in May I reviewed a crazy comic called Bertie Bear And The Dagger Of A Thousand Souls as part of Comixology’s submit releases. I thought it was absolutely fantastic. You can read the original review here. Well now the second issue has hit and it’s time for more Bertie action. The story is written and drawn by Andy W. Clift with Jon Scrivens providing lettering. Rachel Barber serves as the script editor. Issue #2’s cover was done by Dean Beattie. The book hooked me on its crazy cover the first time around, but does the second issue prove just as good?

Bertie and Agent Evergreen discovered that their plane was being piloted by two vampires. The duo are part of The Rose’s villains Cult of Orlock. They are looking to discover the location of the Dagger of a Thousand Souls and unlock its secrets to use for evil. Bertie and Agent Evergreen have to fight for their lives way up in the sky. After narrowly escaping the vampires, Bertie decides it’s time to visit an old friend who may be able to help them in their search. Bertie is able to piece some things together after visiting with his friend, an expert in Mayan culture, and figure out what his and Agent Evergreen’s next move is. The Cult of Orlock is watching Bertie and they’re dead set on getting the dagger first. Can Bertie figure out this puzzle and grab the dagger first? How many more vampires will stand in their way?

Clift really ramps up the humor and the adventure for issue 2. The recap page does a good job of catching readers up to speed while bringing a few laughs. This carries on throughout the book. Bertie is kind of a mix of Indiana Jones, James Bond, Deadpool, and Archer and that’s not a bad thing at all. The gags and absurdity of a Teddy Bear protagonist are great, but Clift is able to craft an exciting old school adventure story as well. The art is good. Again it is all black and white with a few splashes of red. Clift mixes in a few actual photographs to the backgrounds as well, which adds another little layer to the proceedings.

Bottom Line: Bertie the Bear is a thrill ride with a great story and lots of laughs. Clift proves Bertie is more than a one-hit wonder with the second issue. This is definitely one series to keep an eye on. You can check Bertie out on Facebook by clicking here.

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