Review: “Battlefield 3”; Is It Worth Your Time?


The modern day of shooters is at its prime and there’s a war raging behind two main behemoths in the business, Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. Luckily one has a 2-week head start to win over some fans. Battlefield 3 is packing a huge bang in its multiplayer but sadly the game is heavily dampened by its incredibly shallow single player campaign and the whole experience must be taken in as a whole.

Battlefield 3

The campaign revolves around the all too typical plot elements; a terrorist attack in Time Square, WMD’s, interrogations and, of course, them pesky Russians. There are a few sequences where quick time events occur to change up the pace of the action, but most often then not, the first person sequences feel sluggish, uninspired and tact on. The campaign could have broken some serious ground if class support could have been integrated for multiple play through possibilities or completely separate campaigns. Being a front line medic or laying down suppressive mortar fire or sending out drones could have added much needed depth and variation. Quite honestly I suggest saving yourself the time and keep to the game’s competitive multiplayer.

Battlefield 3 gathering
The story gets boring, here, here, and here. Good luck out there guys!

Multiplayer wise I haven’t had this much playing online while giggling with my friends since my junior year of high school with Halo 2 and with the return of squad spawning from Battlefield Bad Company 2 it’s a breeze to hop straight back in to battle after a death. Unfortunately, unlike Halo 2, it’s incredibly hard to find a match after forming a squad that has enough empty slots that your whole squad will actually fit in. Battlefield heavily focuses on finding a match as quick as possibly, but almost every match I join my screen is slapped with one of two end game messages, but once I could finally one I was set for the whole night. Super annoying, but not a game breaker. Something like this could be easily fixed in an update, or could have been averted if Dice had a beta for Battlefield wink* wink*. Now to my favorite part of Battlefield that wins many points from me as a Final Fantasy fan, classes, or as I like to say jobs.

There are several classes to pick from which all offer a variety of unique weapons, equipment and specific roles in combat. There’s the assault class (white image), which has replaced the medic for your healing needs, engineer (dragoon) who is a badass at taking down enemy vehicles with exploding stuff, support (paladin), who is a great friend to have when laying suppressive fire and ammo replenishment, and lastly, my worst enemy, the recon (archer)/sniper/Ryan’s baby eater, and who also is able to drop a spawn radio to bring his friends near by after they’ve probably been sniped too.

Battlefield 3 classes
Paladin, White Mage, Archer and Dragoon

Not a single class felt more over powered than any other, and all required a completely different skill set to master. I deeply enjoyed fulfilling my role as whatever class I was playing, and I was rewarded with experience for doing whatever it was that that particular class should be doing. Healing gets you boatloads of experience, blowing up things with an engineer gets you plenty, replenishing friends with ammo, and so on. I did find myself more partial to being an assault class due to my inability to kill anyone; these manly gamer hands simply weren’t made for killing, intentional killing anyways.

Visually Battlefield is in a platoon of its own there are many stunning effects such as sun flares, reflective light, dust particles from debris, and of course, destructive environments. Whenever I found myself dug into a seemingly sturdy watchtower I often found myself being buried in it moments later. Not all structures are fully blow-up-able but anything could be riddled with bullet holes or have massive chunks of rebar and concrete blown out of it. Lighting, oh god the lighting, lighting reflections from wet levels are intensely gorgeous and make it hard as hell to see, but in a beautifully sort of annoying way.

Battlefield 3Battlefield 3

We all know that modern shooters typically have nearly no real emphasis on campaign, some do it incredibly better, cough* Call of Duty, but most are terrible. Its sad, I almost wish I had an incentive to play the campaign because every second I’m not it feels like I’m wasting time on not upgrading my character, which is a great thing because I always had multiplayer on my mind, which is the true star of this game anyways. Previous Battlefields have been keeping the art of teamwork alive with its finally tuned class system, which always made me inclined to play my part when playing a match. Online shooters in recent years have become less about strategy and more about playing virtual tag bastardized with hide and go seek.

Battlefield 3, I am extremely grateful that you’re better than that; you’re not like the other guys. You make me realize there’s more to war than just killing, I love you Battlefield and that’s why you a deserve:

9 out of 10

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