Review: BATMAN Automobilia #2


batmobileEarlier today we had a review of Eaglemoss’ new Marvel chess set collection, but now we have something for you DC fans. With this being Batman’s 75th anniversary year and all, there’s never been a better time to be a Bat fan. And there’s nothing more iconic to the Batman mythos than the Batmobile. Eaglemoss is giving fans a chance to collect some of the most popular versions of the Batmobile and a few other notable vehicles from the Bat mythos. The new Batman Automobilia collection recently launched, and we were lucky enough to get our hands on the second issue featuring the Batman ’66 Batmobile. Read on for our review of the car and the special companion magazine that comes with it.

batmobile coverThe Batmobile comes with a 3D lenticular background that is ripped straight from the TV show, film, or comic in which the vehicle was featured. Because this is the classic Burt Ward and Adam West Batman, the background features the Batcave and a few actual models of the computers and gadgets that were housed within that detailed base. The car itself is a die-cast reproduced scale model of the famous car. The attention to detail is staggering. If you look inside you can see the controls, switches, and even the mobile Batphone lined along the console and dashboard. With Batman ’66 finding even more success this past year and a half with new toys and the long-awaited DVD release, this is a more than worthy addition to your own personal Batcave.

The accompanying book is one of the best Eaglemoss has put out for their collections as well. While it isn’t an exhaustive tome of knowledge about the series and the iconic car, it does offer up a mixture of real world details on the Ford Futura concept card and the incredible gadgets Bruce Wayne packed it with. There is a four-page foldout that shows you the specifications of the car and the location of all the added bells and whistles. I can see many a Bat fan taking that out and plastering it on their wall. There is also a two page section that gives a brief rundown of what was going on in the comics during the Batman ’66 years and what characters returned thanks to the show’s success. Again, it’s a thumbnail sketch but it hits several highlights.

Bottom Line: Eaglemoss puts out one impressive collection after the next, but this one impressed me a little more than most. This is one for fans new and old, as are most all of Eaglemoss’ products, but the diehard fans will definitely get a little more out of this one than past collections. Find out more about all the Automobilia at the official site by clicking here.

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