Review: Bad Ass #4

Review of: Bad Ass #4
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Herik Hanna

Bad Ass #4

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On April 16, 2014
Last modified:April 15, 2014


Bad Ass has lived up to its name, but the ending sets a little funny.

FINAL ISSUE!!! Dead End’s epic fight with Black Snake comes to a head- and only one will get to leave with theirs intact. Meanwhile, the story of Dead End’s origin reaches a high point with his first act as a disgruntled vigilante causing him to explode onto the scene. Dead End’s fate is uncertain at best…but what else do you expect from a total bad ass? Don’t miss the shocking conclusion to the saga of Dead End!

Bad Ass comes to an end this month with the release of issue #4. The story is by Herik Hanna with translations by Fabrice Sapolsky. Bruno Bessadi handles art with Gatan Georges providing colors. Marshall Dillon rounds things out with lettering. The story of Dead End has been a funny and entertaining one so far, but how does the end hold up?

Dead End has been corned by Black Snake in his hotel room. The superhero is ready to take down Dead End for stealing all the loot earlier. Dead End, ever the lucky guy that he is, makes a valiant stand against the snake-themed hero with any and every item lying around his hotel room. During the flashback sequences of the story we see the final pieces of the puzzle about Dead End’s high school days and his first act as a crazy vigilante. The end is here, but who survives? Will Dead End’s luck finally run out?

Hanna writes an action-packed story that still manages to offer up the final few pieces of the plot we’ve been waiting to see. It’s a sharp issue with some great moments, but the ending feels a little odd. The final section of the story takes this from a fantastic comic to a pretty good comic. Bessadi’s art is great as always. There’s a great line being walked between cartoony and realistic, and it gives the book a nice edge that manages to add to the humor of it all. The story is a parody, but the art takes everything rather seriously. Bessadi really gets to cut loose with a few surprise twists and the introduction of some interesting new characters. Georges’ colors are very bright and pop-y that adds yet another layer of edge to things.

Bottom Line: Bad Ass has lived up to its name, but the ending sets a little funny. There is still a lot of room left to explore in this world, and hopefully we see that one day. 4/5

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