Review: Bad Ass #2

Review of: Bad Ass #2
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Herik Hanna

Bad Ass #2

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On February 19, 2014
Last modified:February 19, 2014


Dead End isn’t someone we should like at all, but we can’t help wanting to see what he does next.

With the Green Dragon and his nefarious den of gangsters felled, Dead End is forced to face the music… of Amadeus Kitty. Just when he thinks he’s in the clear with the cash, Dead End is sucked back into yet another fight of epic proportions. Backed into a corner- not just by Amadeus Kitty, but by the entire city’s police force as well- Dead End takes a moment to assess the situation, light up a cigarette, and kick some ass.

Bad Ass is back this week with issue #2. The story of Dead End, who lives up to the series’ title, is written by Herik Hanna with translations by Fabrice Sapolsky and art by Bruno Bessadi. Gaetan Georges handles colors with Marshall Dillon providing lettering. The first issue was a real thrill ride, but how does the follow up fare?

When last we saw Dead End, he was about to be sliced by Amadeus Kitty’s deadly music notes. After a quick and messy battle, the two realize the entire city’s police force has assembled outside of the Green Dragon’s lair to put the kibosh on Dead End’s reign of terror. Cut in between flashbacks to Dead End aka Jack Parks’ origin story, our despicable main character begins to enact his escape plan. Dead End is good, but is he THAT good?

Hanna writes another action-packed, high octane story. We get more info on Dead End’s backstory and start to see how he became the man we’re following today. The present day sections really ramp up the action while still fleshing out the larger story of Bad Ass. This is a world with heroes and villains with actual superpowers. We don’t know if Dead End has any, but he sure is a lucky son of a gun. Bessadi’s art walks a fine line between being realistic while still be cartoony enough to sell some of the more fantastical and crazy elements of the story. The character work is really crisp and clean with a lot of expression. The fights are handled well and there are some really inventive displays of powers and skill. The way Dead End uses objects as projectiles is displayed with real panache.  Georges’ colors are really grounded while still being bright and vibrant enough for this super hero comic book style story. The flashbacks have a nice vintage filter to them that makes it feel like well-worn photographs.

Bottom Line: Bad Ass is a really fun story about a despicable character with no real redeemable qualities. Dead End isn’t someone we should like at all, but we can’t help wanting to see what he does next. We’ve got two issues left and I for one can’t wait to see what insane development happens next. 4/5

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