Review: Bad Ass #1

Review of: Bad Ass #1
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Herik Hanna

Bad Ass #1

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On January 22, 2014
Last modified:January 21, 2014


Bad Ass is funny, irreverent, actin-packed, and totally lives up to its title.

If Kick-Ass and Deadpool had a baby, it would be Bad Ass! The only difference being that Dead End is a villain through and through with no intentions of serving anyone. What makes Dead End so great is his self-aware humor and biting sarcasm- the mark of a true evil genius. Hard to hate and even harder to kill, Dead End is an eloquent psychopath who fights for something better than justice: himself.

A new four issue miniseries from Dynamite kicks off this week called Bad Ass. The solicits describe the comic as what would happen if Kick-Ass and Deadpool had a baby. It’s written by Herik Hanna with art by Bruno Bessadi. Gaetan Georges handles colors with Marshall Dillon tackling lettering. Fabrice Sapolsky translates the series. The solicits write a big check, but can the first issue cash it?

The story focuses on a really bad guy who goes by the name of Dead End. He’s the kind of guy that steals candy from babies and would rather snap your neck than look at you, and he probably will snap your neck anyway. We learn a little about Dead End’s backstory and how he had it rough in high school, but he’s always been a jerk with few redeeming qualities. Our main focus is Dead End barging into the Green Dragon’s lair (an actual big, green dragon looking creature) and demanding more money for his services as a hit man. Negotiations don’t go well and Dead End has to improvise. Dead End may be a good hit man, but can he take on a full room of goons and a giant humanoid dragon?

Hanna writes a great first issue. This is a story about a completely unredeemable character who does bad things, but you can’t stop reading. Dead End has a swagger to him that makes you want to see what crazy thing he does next. There’ no sympathetic villain or misunderstood anti-hero here, Dead End wants money and he’ll kill you for it. There’s a lot of humor here, but it lifts itself above being a parody on other similar books. Bessadi’s art is very clean and eye catching. From the flashback scenes to the fight sequences, every panel draws your attention and presents some expressive characters. There’s even emotion from the mask wearing Dead End. The main man borrows a page from Bullseyes book and likes to flip things at you, and Bessadi handles the motion well. Georges’ colors are very organic save for the giant green dragon, but that’s a character that’s supposed to draw your attention.

Bottom Line: Bad Ass is funny, irreverent, actin-packed, and totally lives up to its title. This is a rocking introduction to the character and it will be interesting to see where things go from here. 4/5


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