Review: Avengers World #1

Review of: Avengers World #1
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Jonathan Hickman, Nick Spencer, Stefano Caselli, Frank Martin

Avengers World #1

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On January 10, 2014
Last modified:January 10, 2014


Nick Spencer sets Avengers World apart from Hickman’s main book, making World a lot fun to read.

It wouldn’t be a Marvel Comics initiative without another Avengers book!  Avengers World makes its case for existing fast, while separating the ongoing from the plethora of Avengers titles.

Jonathan Hickman’s name might be on the cover, but Avengers World #1 feels like a Nick Spencer book.  There is a heavy emphasis on character interactions and building relationships between the Avengers, something that has been a staple over on Morning Glories and Superior Foes of Spider-Man.  Hickman’s book (thankfully back to once a month) has been lacking in the human interaction department in recent months (mostly before Infinity).  The Avengers roster that Nick Spencer works with is slightly smaller than the one in Avengers, which works in Spencer’s favor. Spencer mixes the groups up well, not keeping the heavy hitters all in one place. This book looks to be more of a finesse book, where punching and assaults aren’t always going to save the day. It sounds more in line with what Joss Whedon has planned for Avengers: Age of Ultron.   I skipped the Point One book this year, and found out after reading that Avengers World #1 technically started in that issue.  It reads fine without having known the short story though.

The big worry from fans was that Avengers World was going to be exactly like Hickman’s book, but involve the entire planet.  In a sense, it is just that.  It’s almost the same roster, and the threat is involves the whole planet.  But Spencer builds on his all too brief Secret Avengers run nicely, and makes the threat credible.  The splash page of Madripoor was a great idea, as the city has little to do in the Marvel Universe since Rick Remender ended his Secret Avengers run.  After reading Avengers World a couple of times, a thought stuck with me.  How many high profile, world level threats can there be before people start giving up? I’d like to see Spencer tackle some threats that don’t reveal themselves to the public every time. It would make the Avengers think about threats more, and give this book a nice separation from Hickman’s Avengers.

Stefano Caselli is a perfect artist for an Avengers book like this.  His high adrenaline artwork is able to settle down and sell the humor that Spencer injects into his script.  The Madripoor splash page mentioned before looks stunning.  Spencer’s script establishes A.I.M. as a suitable threat for this first arc, this splash page cements them in reader’s minds as formidable threat for the World’s Mightiest Heroes.  Avengers World is going to be a once a month book, so hopefully Caselli can keep up with the schedule.  We haven’t seen him on a non-twice a month book in a while.  Frank Martin’s colors are more muted than some of the books at Marvel.  Wish the Avengers working closely with S.H.I.E.L.D. , a “shady” organization lately, the colors should naturally not pop as much.

Avengers World #1 gets 4/5.

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