Review: Ash And The Army Of Darkness #5

Review of: Ash and the Army of Darkness #5
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Steve Niles

Ash and the Army of Darkness #5

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On April 2, 2014
Last modified:April 2, 2014


Ash and the Army of Darkness is a book that has a lot of promise, but it never seems to completely come together.

Everything comes to a head as Ash and Sheila fight their way out of the Dark Wood. The Deadites, under the leadership of the possessed Wiseman, have grown an army twice the size they had before and this time they are determined to destroy Arthur’s castle and retrieve the Book of the Dead once and for all.

Ash’s battle with the forces of the undead continues this month in the pages of Ash and the Army of Darkness #5. The story is written by Steve Niles with art by Dennis Calero. Marshall Dillon rounds things out with lettering. This series has been hit and miss overall, but how would we categorize this month’s entry?

Ash and Sheila have their hands on the Necronomicon, but a giant hulk of an Ash deadite is hot on their trail. Meanwhile Arthur and his small band of men are trying to make a stand against the Wiseman and his army of the undead. It’s a race against the clock as Ash and Sheila hope to get back to Arthur in time. Even if they do make it back, what will they do with the Necronomicon? Is the greater evil giving it to Arthur or letting the deadite-possessed Wiseman get his filthy mitts on it?

Calero writes a much better issue this month. The series as a whole has been steeped in the movie and served as a good supplement to the cult classic. Sometimes that works to its advantage, other times it seems to bog things down. This issue feels a little meatier than the previous installments though. We get some plot development, a little action, and some nice character moments. Calero’s art offers no favors to the script. There are a few panels of really great scenes, but overall it feels rough and unfinished. There are odd panel layouts, weird use of angles, and clipart backgrounds. I’ve enjoyed much of Calero’s work in the past, but Ash and the Army of Darkness hasn’t been his best effort.

Bottom Line: Ash and the Army of Darkness is a book that has a lot of promise, but it never seems to completely come together. Niles has written a very intriguing story that feels very faithful to the source material, but the execution has been a little clunky. Niles has really tightened things up the last few issues, but the art ends up tripping the rest of the work up. 2/5

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