Review: Army Of Darkness VS. Hack/Slash #5

Review of: Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash
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Tim Seeley

Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash

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On January 29, 2014
Last modified:January 29, 2014


Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash takes a surprising and thrilling turn that leaves you hungry for the next issue.

Cassie and Ash must use the Necronimicon to travel back in time to Ancient Greece to prevent the Army of Darkness from aiding the alchemist Akakios! Are they ready for the debauchery of the Bacchanalians, and lots of olive oil?

The penultimate installment of the craziest team-up Dynamite has ever pulled off hits this week in the pages of Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash #5. The story is written by Hack/Slash creator Tim Seeley with art by Daniel Leister. Carlos Badilla handles colors with Marshall Dillon providing lettering. Ashley J. Williams and Cassie Hack are still having fun, but are we?

Things take an odd turn as Cassie and Ash have to travel back to ancient Greece to stop the evil alchemist Akakios from pulling off a plan the members of the Black Lamp Society from the present have tried to ensure goes off without a hitch. Ash and Cassie found themselves in Greece after jumping through a portal created by the Necronomicon. They’ve had a few months to plan, so they think they’re ready. What actually ends up going down turns everything Cassie thought she knew about herself and her various journeys on its head. Ash is along for the ride, but this is Cassie’s show. How will the things she finds out in the past affect her future? Emotions are running high, but can the right decisions be made when it’s crunch time?

Seeley writes a fantastic issue. You think things have taken a bad turn when the time travel kicks off on page one, but as you read along it makes perfect sense and flips the table on everything you thought you had pieced together about this series’ story. This is all Cassie with some big revelations about Hack/Slash. There’s a lot of great stuff in this issue, but you have to give Seeley credit from completely breaking the mold and keeping you on your toes. You might have thought you knew some of what was coming, but it plays out in a shocking way. Leister’s art is top notch as always. He’s a perfect artist to merge the worlds of Army of Darkness and Hack/Slash. His characters are clean and crisp with plenty of emotion playing out on their faces. The backgrounds and character work are really impressive, especially when you get to the craziness and debauchery of Greece. The merge of new and old is handled extremely well. Badilla’s colors help sell the art. There are scenes with Necronomicon portals, big battle sequences, and a lot of fire that really pops off the page.

Bottom Line: Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash takes a surprising and thrilling turn that leaves you hungry for the next issue. The entire event has been handled well, but the next to last installment really kicks things up in spectacular fashion for the big finale. 4.5/5

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