Review: America’s Got Powers #5


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After the Event that created a whole generation of super-powered kids, Tommy Watts has finally discovered what his gift was: The ability to give super powers to others. Now, as the government’s enhanced soldiers battle the outcast super-teens, Tommy can’t decide which side to fight for!

The penultimate installment of Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch’s America’s Got Powers hits today.  Tommy Watts has finally discovered what his power really is and now everyone wants a piece of him. Issue #5 is written by Jonathan Ross with art by Bryan Hitch. Paul Neary and Jason Pa provide inks while Paul Mounts handles colors. Chis Eliopoulos rounds out the cast with lettering. The America’s Got Powers game spiraled into chaos as Tommy was abducted last issue, but things are about to get crazier this month. Is it a good crazy or just a mess?

america's got powers coverThe military is trying to get the situation Tommy created last issue under control. The couple Tommy made towering giants are batting down helicopters and causing all kinds of property damage as the government throws what they have at the twin terrors. Back at the America’s Got Powers arena the powered kids have started an uprising of their own. The situation is deteriorating and spinning out of anyone’s control. While all of this is going on, Tommy finds himself at the research facility where the senator and some of the military brass have been working on the powered generation. They want Tommy to help use his gift of giving powers to make an army under their control. Professor Syell is there to tell Tommy some last minute revelations to try and do what needs to be done. Something big happens, something really big that turns the tide of the whole plot. It’s the cliffhanger of course.

Ross continues to write a great story. When the narrative switched over from the America’s Got Powers game to the powered children’s uprising, there were a few hiccups but this issue seems to work out those kinks. There are some things that seem familiar, but Ross keeps it fresh and interesting while throwing a few surprises in along the way. Hitch’s artwork on this series has been great. This issue does have a few odd faces though. There are times when the profile view of some of the characters are a little off. The most notable is Professor Syall. That character is based off David Tennant, so when his features are a little off it’s noticeable. Other than those few quibbles, Hitch provides a great issue. I like how he’s gone with an unconventional route for the panel layout. Sometimes you have a double-page spread, a page with four or five panels, and then you get one with thirteen different panels. It keeps the readers on their toes and provides a more cinematic experience.

Bottom Line: America’s Got Powers has shaped up to be a surprising hit. Ross and Hitch are great talents, but with a big project like this it has the potential to go off the rails. They have been able to keep the train going full speed ahead 4.5/5

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