Review: America’s Got Powers #4


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As the televised games continue and Tommy tries to tap into his enormous power, the government begins shutting things down. Their plan to use the kids as human batteries is close to realization. Will the renegade teens known as The Rejected stop it, or only make matters far, far worse?

America’s Got Powers is back. After the last issue came out in August, many fans were left eagerly waiting for the next installment in the series. Today #4 was finally released. The story is written by Jonathan Ross and features art by Bryan Hitch. Paul Neary and Jason Paz provide ink and Paul Mounts handles colors. Rounding out the crew is Chris Eliopoulos who tackles lettering. The big question though, was it worth the wait?

america's got powers 4 coverThe story picks up slightly after the events of the third issue where Tommy is taken hostage by the powered rebels during the battle for America’s Got Powers.  Tommy is getting a less than warm welcome from the rebels as they try to force him to use his powers. While he’s detained, everyone else is looking for him. The military is rolling out the newly made powered kids we’ve seen in previous issues. The rebels hid their tracks pretty well, but they made a rookie mistake. All hell is breaking loose and it’s only going to get worse unless Tommy figures out what his power set is.

Jonathan Ross turned up the heat for this issue. We get several pages of knock-down-drag-out fights, but we get a lot of story development. We learn what exactly Tommy’s powers are and how he uses them. With issue 3’s cliffhanger of the child holding up the car, you might have a good guess about what Tommy can do. Everything is pulled together nicely as things are taken to the next level in anticipation of the final two issues. Bryan Hitch does a spectacular job on the action scenes, as is his way. I have to hand it to Neary, Paz, and Mounts. The colors and art have been great for the entire series, but this issue really shows off the colors with all the glowing bits and monitor screens. It makes everything very vivid and pop off the page.

Bottom Line: America’s Got Powers #4 was well worth the wait. Ross crafts a brilliant issue and Hitch provides great art as always. The middle issue does a brilliant job of bringing everything together and setting it up for the finale. I don’t know how long we’ll have to wait for #5, but it will certainly be worth it 5/5

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