Review: America’s Got Powers #3


America’s Got Powers by Jonathan Ross with Bryan Hitch on art has been a very exciting story so far. You have a group of superpowered teens competing in an America’s Got Talent/American Idol type show for the enjoyment of the world. The competition is controlled by the military and some scientists, so you know the real reason for the displays of power is shady. The main scientist who has a slight conscience and cares about the children is modeled after David Tennant, what’s not to love about all of that?

Here’s a brief catch-up segment since it’s been a while since issues 1 and 2. Tommy is the only kid born out of the group of children born without powers after a mysterious crystal landed in San Francisco.  That can cause some problems for him as you can imagine. When the newest season of America’s Got Powers starts, Tommy finds himself leaving the gift shop he works in and thrown into the spotlight. He uses a power, but he doesn’t have any powers according to all the readings. The mystery of Tommy’s powers and what the true intentions of the people running the show are, is what AGP’s about. That brings us to issue three.

The third issue of six in this series explores what happens to all the contestants that are hurt or killed during the show. As we learned in the cliffhanger to issue 2, they can’t truly die and the mysterious power causes them to be fully restored to health. We get a look at the lab that houses the powered contestants and what type of research is going on there. The resistance movement of sorts that has been teased in the previous issues appears as well. They are interested in Tommy’s powers and what that means for all those with powers. You can see a conflict forming between them and the project the bigwigs are working on in the lab. The story peaks during the next challenge of AGP. Can Tommy figure out how to use his powers? Will he survive?

Jonathan Ross has crafted a very intriguing story over the course of these three issues. You can kind of see how the final three will play out, so it will be exciting to see if Ross plays it relatively safe or if it will go in a wild new direction. Ross handles the TV show aspects well, as you could guess from his life and career, but he also writes the character interactions and actions scenes well. You can’t say enough about Bryan Hitch’s art. He has shined throughout this series. He uses the pages to its fullest, and even makes great use of a multi-page spread. I have said before that most two page spreads are just space fillers, but Hitch truly makes it work with the story.

Bottom Line: The wait for AGP 3 was well worth it. The series continues with another strong entry. This is one series to pick up, you might not want to wait for the trade. I give this issue a 4/5.


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