Review: Amazing Spider-Man #4

Review of: Amazing Spider-Man #4
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Dan Slott, Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba, Edgar Delgado

Amazing Spider-Man #4

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On July 24, 2014
Last modified:July 24, 2014


Amazing Spider-Man #4 brings in a new character, which I’m very happy about, but the execution is quite sloppy.  None the less, I trust Slott enough to create an interesting character with Silk.

With Original Sin sweeping lots of books up in its tie-in wake, it was only a matter of time before Marvel’s best seller Amazing Spider-Man joined.  #4 isn’t exactly bad, but the execution is a little sloppy.

We’ve known about another Spider hero making their debut for a while now, as Dan Slott has been teasing us for a few years.  Silk seems like an interesting character and will show Spider-Man another way to use his powers, which can lead to good stories.  But the execution of bringing her into the story just doesn’t feel right.  Unlike this week’s Daredevil #6, Amazing Spider-Man #4 doesn’t build off an established part of the character.  Silk seems like a fine enough character, and she uses her powers in some very interesting ways, but I didn’t feel like she made the splash she should have.  She quickly jumps out into the world and is quite accepting of everything around her. But that’s the problem when we don’t see much of her back story before her first appearance is over with.  I should make a distinction, as we see her set up, but not her back story.  Slott shows us how and why she was taken in by Ezekiel and that gives enough explanation for her power set, but Silk is still a blank slate in terms of character development.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the totem storylines that JMS brought up.  I started reading JMS’ run first so seeing Morlun in another storyline had me excited for nostalgia reasons.  Adding another Spider character, specifically a woman, is also exciting as it can play on the brother/sister angle that worked so well in Spider-Man: Family Business.  I realize that there are other Spider women, but all of them have established relationships with Peter that kind of nix the brother/sister angle.  Oh wait, can’t use that brother/sister angle because they are about to doink.  So this is her first time out of the prison that Ezekiel put her in and she just jumps into bed with the first guy she meets? It doesn’t feel right.  Either way, she’ll create a nice ripple in the love life of Peter Parker, and those stories are always entertaining.  Spider-Woman fans might be a tad worried, as that rumored Spider-Woman title could end up being Silk if Marvel has enough trust in Slott’s development of her over the next few months.

Humberto Ramos continues to be a polarizing artist.  I’m normally on the fence and can jump to both sides of the yard depending on the issue.  #4 showcases his two extremes unfortunately.  The spandex filled scenes look fantastic, and really showcase the size difference in some heroes. Then there is Silk leaving her prison and it’s difficult to tell where she is in the room or in relation to Spider-Man.  The costume is… know I’m not sure what to say about the costume. Logistically, it makes a lot of sense. Why doesn’t Spider-Man just web himself a suit?  Granted he doesn’t have organic webs anymore (or does he) so it doesn’t make sense NOW, but it did at one point.  But why doesn’t she cover more of her body?  The webbing is quite resilient, so it would make more sense to cover her entire body instead of being stylish.

Amazing Spider-Man #4 gets 3/5.

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