Review: All-New X-Men #3


Two issues in two weeks?  If Brian Michael Bendis is writing this well, I could take an issue a week.

This issue walks away from the Jean Grey school and focuses on Cyclops and what is left of the extinction team.  While I miss the school, Bendis develops each character enough that it’s hard to complain.  The big development that Bendis brings up is an interesting one, and makes the upcoming relaunch of Uncanny X-Men seem that much farther away.  While Cyclops has been written as a straight villain as of late, Bendis toes the line between revolutionary and villain masterfully.  The idea that Scott might not have been in control of himself while possessed by the Phoenix is a great plot thread, and one that is teased in a great way.  The interactions between Magneto and Cyclops are one of the highlights of the book.  Emma Frost seems to have grown up in the time since Avengers vs X-Men.  She seems almost disturbed by her time possessed by the Phoenix Force.  Having the extinction team move to Weapon X is an interesting one.  Cyclops can’t seem to stay away from classic X-settings for bases

Bendis seems to be creating new mutants specifically for what Cyclops needs.  So far he’s recruited a mutant who can stop time, and another who can disguise themselves.  Scott is turning more into a general than he was before Avengers vs X-Men.  But in his new role as the underground sensation, it works.  The “little X-Men” are barely present this issue, which is a little of a downer.  They were written so well in #2, that it would have been nice to see them interacting with Scott.  But considering the accelerated shipping schedule, #4 should be on the shelves soon.  One thing is certain, Bendis knows how to reinvigorate a franchise.  He did it with Avengers, and now he’s doing it with the X-Men.  Look out Cosmic Marvel, you guys are next.

The accelerated shipping schedule seems to be catching up with Stuart Immonen.  His pencils are still strong, but some of the action seems to be a little muddled.  Now that the book is a hit, lets slow down the shipping schedule so Immonen can stay on the book.  Cyclops’ problems with his energy beams look fantastic.  Immonen almost nails the sexy pose that Emma Frost seems to always be standing in, but it just seems a tad off.  His great use of shadows is on display here.  Be it at Weapon X, or his entrance near the end of the issue.  The shadows are helped by Wade Von Grawbadger’s great inks.  This issue is slightly darker in tone than the previous two, so it’s natural hat Grawbader uses heavy inks for shadows.  Cyclops’ awesome eye blasts are helped out by Marte Gracia’s masterful colors.  They have an otherworldly, and powerful look to them.

All-New X-Men has been firing on all cylinders since the start.  I’m excited to see where this series goes.

All-New X-Men #3 gets 4/5.

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