Review: All-New X-Men #15

Review of: All-New X-Men #15
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Brian Michael Bendis, David Lafuente, Jim Campbell

All-New X-Men #15

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On August 9, 2013
Last modified:August 9, 2013


After a string of strong issues, #15 feels like a misstep for All-New X-Men. Especially with Battle of the Atom coming next month.

With Battle of the Atom crashing into the X-books soon, it would have been a good time to tease the big event.  Instead, Brian Michael Bendis and David Lafuente create a mediocre love story issue that just doesn’t work.

I’m fine with mixing up romances in comic books.  Too often characters are stuck with someone because they were the first love.  Look at what Dan Slott is doing with Spock in Superior Spider-Man.  Peter (kinda) is with someone new, and she is an interesting character.  But the romance of Beast and Jean Grey just doesn’t work here.  It seems completely out of place.  Considering Old Beast knows how Jean’s powers work, why wouldn’t he make sure to not think deep and personal things.  Make sure to keep those things out of your head when she is around.  It seems shoehorned into the plot to break up the traditional Jean and Cyclops relationship.  I’d be fine with these two getting together, but some sort of hint as to Young Beast’s true feelings before now would have worked better.  Jean continuously says she is getting use to her powers, but keeps reading people’s minds when the plot requires it.

At this point, Wolverine needs to put an electrical fence around the school, and attach dog collars to the time traveled X-Men.  They seem to be escaping the school far too easily.  Bobby and Scott’s escapades into the city are enjoyable, and it shows some growth for Scott. Although getting the number of a girl who looks exactly like Jean shows that young Scott certainly has a type.  Usually when Bendis slows down and has a relationship centric issue, it’s a great issue.  But it doesn’t work here.  Why didn’t he mention anything about Battle of the Atom coming next month?  I almost forgot that the event existed.  While having an event jump into a book is nothing new, usually the writer will at least give a hint as to the danger looming.

David Lafuente, who we haven’t seen on a Marvel book in a while, is a good suit for the book.  His artwork is more anime than the realistic Stuart Immonen and David Marquez.  But the characters show off a wide range of emotions.  I got some chuckles out of Beast’s facial expressions while trying to figure out how to fix Wolverine’s motorcycle.  As said before, the girl Scott meets looks oddly like Jean Grey.  But then again, most of the women who are read heads look exactly the same in this book.  It’s nice to see Cyclops living up to his nickname “Slim.”  Most artists these days pencil him as a big muscular guy.  Frank Cho seems to be the only other artist who pencils him the way he should be.  Jim Cambpell’s colors are good, but don’t pop off the page they way normal colorist Marte Garcia.

While not terrible, #15 is like a misstep for All-New X-Men.

All-New X-Men #15 gets 2.5/5.

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