Review: Afterlife With Archie #4

Review of: Afterlife With Archie #4
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Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Archie Comics

Afterlife With Archie #4

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On March 5, 2014
Last modified:March 5, 2014


Afterlife with Archie is the series your friends have been telling you about, and if you’re not onboard already you need to be.

“Escape from Riverdale,” Part Four: With two more members of our beloved gang infected by the dreadful zombie-virus, Riverdale’s one sanctuary—Lodge Mansion—has been compromised. The kids are left to make a significant decision—do they stay and fight or flee the only town they’ve ever known? Meanwhile, Archie makes a horrific discovery in his own home, one that may cost him his life!

The fourth installment of the surprise hit series Afterlife with Archie takes comic book stores by storm today. The issue is written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa with artwork by Francesco Francavilla. Jack Morelli joins the duo with lettering. Riverdale has started to be overrun by the Jughead and Sabrina induced zombie apocalypse, but can Archie get home in time to save his mom and dad?

When last we saw Archie, he was sneaking his way out of Veronica’s house and was racing home to save his mom, dad, and dog Vegas. Archie ran into a little trouble on the streets, but he makes it home relatively safe and sound. The only problem is that Hotdog, Jughead’s dog that started it all, stands in his way. Luckily Archie has a canine companion of his own that is anxious to protect his master. As Archie goes inside to see if his mom and dad are safe and sound, he finds a startling scene. Has Archie gotten home in time to save his family? Will Vegas be able to hold Hotdog off? Is Riverdale done for?

This previous three issues have been great, but Aguirre-Sacasa absolutely knocks it out of the park this month. Afterlife with Archie has found a good balance of zombie action and emotional storytelling, but #4 really punches you in the gut with emotion while given you heartbreaking action. Aguirre-Sacasa takes the series to an entirely new level. Francavilla’s art is stupendous as always. He is tailor made for horror stories, and this one lets him really cut loose and bring the scares and chills. It’s nice to see the big emotional moments come in so Francavilla can stretch some different muscles in one big meal of an issue with Archie’s facial expressions and the flashback sequences.

Bottom Line: Afterlife with Archie is the series your friends have been telling you about, and if you’re not onboard already you need to be. Aguirre-Sacasa and Francavilla have combined to present an incredible story that does something fresh and incredibly exciting with the world of Archie. 5/5

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