Reports Of Agent Coulson’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated: Whedon Says He Is Alive “For Realsies”

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coulson bannerWe have known for a while that Clark Gregg‘s Agent Phil Coulson would be the star of the S.H.I.E.L.D. show. Having died in The Avengers many thought Coulson’s return would mean flashbacks, Life Model Decoys,  or some other manner of trickery maintaining the on screen death while also allowing him to appear on the show. Well according to Joss Whedon, Coulson is being resurrected from the dead.

Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing played at the SXSW festival with a special panel taking place afterwards. While there were Much Ado questions, the discussion quickly turned to the director’s Marvel work. The S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot was brought up since Clark Gregg was there to discuss his part in Whedon’s Shakespeare adaptation. Marvel’s cinematic godfather coulsonremained tightlipped on the pilot episode he directed, but he did tease how Coulson was able to survive Loki‘s spear through the chest:

“I’ll tell you guys this, Heimlich,” Whedon joked, before effectively clamming up about the show. “I can’t talk about it,” he admitted, but said that he did bring Coulson back from the dead for the ABC drama. “Yes. For realsies.”

According to Cinemablend, who provided the quotes, that’s about all folks were able to get out of the director regarding Coulson’s return. We’ll have to wait until this fall to see how Whedon pulls off the resurrection of the Son of Coul (that is if ABC picks up the pilot but they’d be crazy not too with all the hype around it). I think a lot will depend on how Whedon goes about doing it. Coulson’s death was a vital part of the team coming together. Right now I have mixed Phil-ings about it (sorry for the bad pun). What do you think about Coulson either not really dying or coming back from the dead? In Whedon do you trust?


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Source : Cinemablend