Remember That Spoiler From The Walking Dead?


Yeah, that MEGA Spoiler for episode 207, remember?  Well it was true , click here —–> SPOILER

Well fellas even though I read the spoiler as im sure some of you did, I was still a little shocked, and let me explain why.

I was not shocked by the ending because I already knew what was going to happen (duh), I was shocked by the brilliant performance of Jon Bernthal (Shane), WOW! I must admit I  hate what he did to Otis and how he has been losing his cool and falling to the dark side, but man that guy has done an amazing job. I get it, maybe you are not suppose to like his character, but that guy is a survivor and he has been doing what is necessary  to survive ( in his mind).

The way this episode was written and directed was a true piece of work, and  I would say this is one of my favorite episodes so far. The tension, the arguments, the  look in Hershel’s eyes as he was witnessing what was going on  ( dont want to spoil it too much) was perfect.  We can’t argue that Hershel has good intentions, and is trying not to lose hope and so far he has been reasonable, but we know bad things were going  to happen sooner or later.

Now one of the things that got me thinking was the fact that Rick ( Andrew Lincoln) looks like he is losing the grip on Shane. What does this mean for the group? How is it going to affect the way everyone sees Rick? Is Shane a threat to the group? What are his true intentions?  And dont get me started with Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus). I would love to see Shane and Daryl go at it, i think it would be a very interesting match, right?

Now sadly the show will resume on February and to me that is a long wait, but you know what? We are going to see Robert Kirkman at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con this January! Maybe you can write some questions for him in our comments section and we can ask him!

Sound off peoples!






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