Rejoice DREDD Fans A Sequel Could Be In The Works


Dredd is one of those movies that comes along every once in a while. One of those movies that has a terrible box-office, but gains a cult following during the DVD/Blu-ray release. Just how bad was it? To give you an idea, the film shot with a budget of around 50 million dollars. However, the movie only grossed 13 million in the US box-office and a total of 35.6 million worldwide. So no sequel right?

FILM Urban 5Wrong! Well at least maybe. Despite it’s lackluster box-office the steam it picked up during the home release of the film seems to have the creators and studio talking about doing another one, this according to Dredd star Karl Urban. During the Destination Star Trek convention in Frankfurt, Germany Urban was asked about the possibility of a sequel. He revealed that he has been having “conversations” with writer Alex Garland as well as the studio.

Lionsgate has been pretty staunch that is would not be giving Dredd a sequel. So what changed? According to Urban they realized how badly they messed up the theatrical release of the film. Also with the surge in Blu-ray/DVD sales, they found their audience is which means they can market it more appropriately.

I for one, loved the first film and hope that a second gets made. Although I picked Urban to be Batman (since the role has been taken by Ben Affleck) Judge Dredd is also a role that he is perfect for. While we wont know the fate of Dredd 2 for sometime, you can keep checking back here at Comic Book Therapy for the latest.

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Source : What Culture