Recap And Review: THE WALKING DEAD ’30 Days Without An Accident’



Last season’s finale of The Walking Dead didn’t end with the “There goes the neighborhood” approach that we have been use to.  Some fans were a little disappointed, but some said it was a little refreshing to end on such an optimistic note. This is a feeling that they looked to carry over into the season four premiere, and succeeded big time…for the most part.

We pick up about six to seven months after Rick and his group has sent The Governor running with his tail between his legs. Rick is in a better place mentally, which is a bit refreshing seeing as he toed the line of crazy so much last year. The survivors are still at the prison, and have carved out a nice life for themselves by growing crops and raising animals as a source of food. While Rick is tending to the crops we see that he has more of a stable relationship with Carl, who he urges to join the other kids who have come to their camp and do kid things. Carl resists this idea, which is really a stroke of genius by the writers since Carl has had to grow up and fast in this world where one wrong move could prove to be your last.

twds4_gallery_rick-carl_farm_6773_v2Elsewhere it seems that the show has picked up that Daryl has celebrity status in the show, as he has fans around the camp as well. Relationships are a heavy undertone in this week’s episode, which likely means it will be that way for the rest of the season. We further the will they won’t they relationship between Daryl and Carol, and it leads to us being introduced to Patrick one of Daryl’s biggest fans. Maggie and Glen have a pregnancy scare which leads to a dissuasion by the two, and a logical one at the, on whether bringing a baby into this world is right or not.

Another relationship to keep an eye on is that between Carl and Michonne. After Lori died last season Carl seems to be looking for a mother figure, and he might have found one in Michonne, who has been off on some secret missions (looking for The Governor).  It is after she gets back from one of these said missions that she volunteers to go on a run for supplies with Daryl, to which Carl replies, “But you just go back.” It’s a sweet gesture, but you have to wonder with this show are they setting us/Carl or Michonne up for heart ache in the end.

Here the story splits off into two, the Daryl led crusade for supplies, and Rick making the rounds on the animal snares. While Daryl and his group are getting ready for their run, Beth is saying goodbye to new boyfriend and fellow Daryl groupie member Zack. However, the run doesn’t go as planned and this lead to Zack becoming a nice meal for a Walker. When Daryl tells Beth, she reacts in a cold, yet understanding way that this world has made the group.

Rick’s adventure is a little more on the crazy side. After seeing a deer that is still somewhat alive he runs into an Irish refugee who wants to join their group along with her husband. Rick says that they can, but he wants to talk to her husband at first and ask them three questions. In true Walking Dead fashion this lady turns out to be a looney, who is keeping her husband, a walker, and mislead Rick back her camp to feed him to the Walker. After he thwarts this plan the lady stabs herself in the stomach so she can be with her husband again. While laying there dying she asks Rick what the three questions to which he replies, “How many walkers have you killed?”, “How many people have you killed?”, and “Why?”

While there have been some pretty intense moments over all in the episode, by season premiere/finale standards for the show it was pretty mild without a lot of twists and turns that is until the end. Daryl super fan, Patrick, falls ill after we notice one of the pigs die as well. He coughs into and contaminates the shower water the abruptly dies. After the water he pumps into the shower head subsides, we pan down to see that he has died, and promptly returns as a Walker to which we end the episode on.

What I liked:

Michonne and Carl: This is going to be a relationship to keep an eye one. Carl seeking a mother like figure, but will Michonne accept it being a loner by nature.

Things Are Quiet: The Walking Dead has always had events cranked up to 11, and it was nice to see Rick taking a breather from being borderline crazy, and just enjoy his life and kids.

New Faces: It’s been a while since a lot of new characters were introduced, and one of my fears would be that the prison group would absorb Woodbury and we wouldn’t get to know any of them.

The Mystery: We aren’t sure what happened to Patrick, but I am sure we will find out soon enough. And that makes me want to tune in again next week.

What I didn’t like:

Carol and Daryl: This will they won’t they, Ross and Rachel Frendsesque relationship has played its self out. They either need to either get them together or just keep them friends. It’s starting to distract.

The Blood and Guts: I’m not a horror guy, one of the things that got me hooked on The Walking Dead was it wasn’t about the zombies, it was about the survivors. But now things seem to be getting a little more towards the gory side, a weird complaint about a zombie show I know.

30 Days Without An Accident was a good way to bring the show back, I wasn’t overly fond of it when I first watched it last night. However the more I thought about it the more it grew on me and made sense that this was the proper start to the season.

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