Recap And Review: ARROW ‘Identity’



Last week’s episode of Arrow welcomed us back to the show with the season premiere. Oliver comes back to a torn Starling City where The Glades are in ruin, his company is trying to prevent a takeover, and him being The Hood is all but a distant memory. After some coaxing by Felicity and Diggle, Oliver takes to the streets again as the green vigilante.

When we pick up this week we see Roy looking to stop a robbery of a delivery truck that is being organized by China White. Using what has become some really in your face referencing of what Roy will be by having pretty much everything he fights crime in red (this includes his car), he tries to fend off the would be robbers, but winds up wrecking his car and getting arrested.

We then cut to the shot for the ladies, don’t get me wrong it’s cool, but having Oliver shirtless doing stuff seems a little out of place sometimes in the show. After his work out he starts wondering what his next move as The Hood will be while also prying at Diggle to see what is going on with him and Carly. Uncomfortable by the question Diggle blows it off, as they head back up to the club and encounter Thea who is fielding a phone call about Roy’s arrest.

In the interrogation room, Laurel doesn’t seem interested in the supplies that Roy was trying to prevent from being stolen, but rather if Roy is involved with The Hood. She pulls out a red arrow tip, once again not so subtle reference here but I really enjoyed this one, where he continues to tell her she is focused on the wrong thing. Oliver and Thea show up where we discover that Laurel will not be pressing charges on Roy. In a spot of brilliant acting by both Stephen Amell and Colton Haynes, Oliver tries talking sense into Roy, but it just goes in one ear and out the other. However, it does make him aware of the robberies that are taking place.

This takes us to our first island flashback where Oliver is trying to come to terms with the man he just killed to save Shado. While she and Slade are plotting their next move, Oliver goes and seeks solace by himself thinking over the events that just took place. After noticing this Shado leads him away as we are snapped back into reality.

500px-Brother_Blood_Kevin_AlejandroWhile at the FEMA Hospital trying to see what exactly is going on, Oliver and Diggle get their first encounter with Sebastian (Brother) Blood. Blood publicly mocks Oliver for his “concern” about The Glades since his mother was one of the parties responsible. Brother Blood is played by Kevin Alejandro, who has this robotic quality to his acting that is normally not good, but somehow works for the character.

After Oliver assure Brother Blood that he will work to help The Glades, they head back to Queen Consolidated where he and Felicity in some pointless bickering talk about her being his new personal assistant. He tells her it’s so he can have her in close in case of an emergency and then asks her for coffee (which she refuses) and to make reservations for him, Diggle, and Carly at a restaurant. Felicity asks Diggle why he hasn’t told him, which leads us to believe that he and Carly are no more.

It’s time for island flash back number two, where Oliver is telling Shado that he is afraid of what he is becoming.  She reassures him by telling him he needs to find balance between the hero and the darkness, and they begin to make out. This is a big of a problem for me. I understand Oliver is “playboy”, but he has pretty much tried to sleep with everyone minus his family and Felicity.

Felicity alerts Oliver to a new shipment going to FEMA that is likely to be a target of China White’s. The Hood shows up and to thwart this robbery, but is engaged by Bronze Tiger who stops him from preventing the robbery. Laurel and the Police show up, and in real head scratching move go after The Hood instead of trying to stop the robbery.

Back at the club Thea fires Roy since he won’t stop with his vigilante activates, while Oliver entertains Brother Blood at his office. Blood tells him that he can’t fix The Glades with money and Oliver offers to throw a benefit to raise even more money. After apologizing to Oliver, Blood accepts and the two part ways.

Oliver feels that’s necessary to try and set Laurel straight on the ridiculous “I’m going to ignore all crime except The Hood” rampage she is on, and pays her a visit. We learn that this pointless crusade is just an act of vengeance over Tommy’s death. After she “tells him off” she heads to the fundraiser where she tells Brother Blood to ease off Oliver.

ar202a_2311b-jpg-0342fc35-t3-630x419While in the elevator on his way to the event Felicity lets Oliver know about another likely target for China White and Bronze Tiger. Oliver knowing this will hurt his image with Brother Blood decides to go after the White and Tiger. After turning the tables on the police as well as White and Tiger, Oliver is able to prevent the robbery of the shipment and all the while diving into his trick arrows, which from a fan stand point had me really excited.

After a showing back at his office where he apologizes to Diggle for his personal life, and an act of trues by Felicity as she brings him coffee, we are once again whisked away to the island. There Oliver and Shado try and hide from Slade that they have been together.  After this they find their way to a cave with WWII era Japanese’s soldiers. Oliver finds and arrow head with some markings on it, and we are blast back to present day.

The last five minutes of the show really take off. Oliver, as The Hood, confronts Roy about his vigilante ways, and tells him to stop. Roy argues that he can be an asset to him if he trains him. The Hood lets him know he can help by being his eyes and ears and give Roy his red arrow back in case he needs to contact him with it. After this The Hood goes back to Laurel to try and reason with her, and she springs a trap in the form of about 50 officers guns drawn on him, and the perfect way to end the episode.

What I liked:

The DC Library: Marc Gugenheim, Andrew Kriesberg, and Greg Berlanti have dug deep in to the DC archives to bring the likes of Brother Blood and Bronze Tiger our, and I hope it continues.

Roy’s Red Arrow: The references are a little in your face, but the red arrow seriously had me geeking out.

Acting: This week the acting was top notch. Like mentioned above Amell and Haynes really brought it in their scene at the police station together.

The Cliffhanger: Some shows can’t get away with this, Arrow does. It was a terrific ending for tonight’s episode.

What I didn’t like:

Laurel: They don’t seem to know what to do with Laurel at the moment, and this hating The Hood kick she is on isn’t making much sense to me.

Oliver’s Need To Sleep With Anyone And Everyone: This one is pretty self explanatory.

Another solid episode, but it wasn’t with out it’s short comings. Action, as always was superb, and the showrunners are really starting to find their footing for telling a really great story in one hour.

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