Recap and Review: ARROW ‘Crucible’



After last week’s stellar episode, I was wondering how Arrow would cash in on the momentum they have gained. We were teased all week with Black Canary, and the fact that we might be getting an identity reveal. With all the crazy things taking place in the series things not only continued, but picked up in Crucible.

We start out kind of slow at a party for investors at Oliver’s house. Olli’s business rival Isabel, is there quizzing Felicity on where he is. We are whisked away to Arrow fighting guys with some military grade guns and trying to get the skinny on where they got them. He returns to his party to exchange in some banter with Isabel and talks with Brother Blood about the gun situation in The Glades where they first tease this episode’s bad guy calling himself, The Mayor, who when we are introduced to shoots up a mannequin just for fun, and then one of his men for sticking up for his cousin.

bZ7WwG1Oliver confronts Laurel at the party about her encounter with The Dollmaker, where she says she is sick of everyone asking if she is okay. During the conversation Oliver is pulled aside by Felicity who has come to the conclusion that Black Canary always seems to come around when he is around Officer Lance and Laurel. Which leads Arrow to stake out Laurel’s house where he is finally able to confront Canary. She reveals, in just an absolute stroke of brilliant story planning, that she is Sara, Laurel’s sister and Quentin’s daughter, who everyone thought went down with The Queens Gambit.

We cut to headquarters where Oliver is obviously shaken by his discovery. Diggle and Felicity quiz him on how this is possible, and to be honest here the acting is a little sub-par. However, not bad enough where is detracts from the scene.

Sara is back at her clock tower where Sin has met up with her offering her breakfast and asks a little bit about her life before she was Canary, and asks why she is worried about her family finding out she is alive. Once again there is good story telling by telling Sara saying that she is not the same person they remember. Adding a shroud of mystery that show is able to find the right balance of.

In a relief, Diggle gets something to do this week after just being there in the episode before hand when he meets up with his military contact about the weapons. He finds out when the next exchange might be. Meanwhile Oliver is offering to do a guns for cash exchange in The Glades for Brother Blood against the better judgment of Isabel.

Here is where the episode takes a turn for the worse. It seems that the writers are not quite sure what to do with Laurel. Her boss offers to take her to dinner. She agrees, albeit reluctantly and when they go Laurel enjoys her wine. Realizing her boss is flirting with her she abruptly ends the date, and is pulled over for DUI. Maybe this will pay off in the long run, but for now it’s just a head scratcher.

Felicity is able to dig up that the weapons The Mayor is taking all have a tracking beacon in their crates. She also reveals that Queen Consolidated are the ones that designed them and is able to reactivate it since The Mayor shut it off.  Too late! Arrow located them and is able to recover the weapons, although everyone escapes.

CrucibleSara and Oliver finally meet up to talk about the events that led to her coming back. She reveals she came back after the quake to check in on her family. After a lot of back in forth that includes “What happened to Slade” to Oliver, and “Where have you been,” to Sara that gets us nowhere, Oliver is visited by Quentin who asks for his help, against his better judgment, with Laurel. He talks to her, but it ultimately just leads to her resenting both Oliver and Quentin.

At the Cash For Guns exchange we see Roy turning in a bunch of guns but not looking for the pay out. Sin shows up as he is talking with Thea, and she seems poised to reveal to Thea that Roy has been working with Arrow. The Mayor attacks the exchange Oliver saves Brother Blood’s life, but Sin is hit.

At the hospital Roy watches over Sin as Canary watches from the outside. Arrow shows up and asks Canary if she wants a real fight, as Felicity has learned where The Mayor is picking up his next shipment. The two thwart The Mayor’s plans and Black Canary is getting ready to kill him for what he has done to Sin. Oliver talks her off the ledge by telling her there are better ways to do things.

Back at the hospital Sin wakes up and vows to keep Roy’s secret. Sara looks in on Sin as she is talking to Roy, but doesn’t stop in. Oliver confronts her and tells her that she needs to come clean with Quentin and Laurel. She says if she does that is will cause them to hate Oliver even more to where he says it will be worth it.

We are shown that The Mayor is still a live and in custody of a Policeman. A masked figure steps out and tells his henchman to inject The Mayor with some sort of substance. The Mayor fights it, but eventually dies from the injection with blood coming from his eye. The masked figure takes off the mask to reveal he is Brother Blood. He tells his henchman to get him another and the episode ends.

The Island flashbacks consisted of Oliver being on The Amazo. His capture has asked him for information about the island and if they found the graveyard. Oliver refuses to speak and gets shot for his trouble. He wakes up to find all the necessary tools to fix himself up. Confused by this he asks his cell mate what the deal is to which he replied, “Living is not for the weak.” After he retrieves the bullet from his abdomen he is quizzed again about the graveyard where his face gives away the info they are looking for. Oliver is taken from his cell and thrown on the ground of a different room where Sara walks in.

What I Liked:

Black Canary: Not just the character, but the reveal of who Canary is was genius.

Diggle: He didn’t get much screen time this week, but was redeemed after last week’s episode.

Action: Once again broken record, but they deserve the praise.

Island Flashbacks: They were a little slow starting out, but they are getting better and better.

What I Didn’t Like:

Laurel: Seems like they aren’t sure what to do with her. This could be leading to a greater pay off in her character, but for now she is just there.

Sin: It’s not that I don’t like the character. I just think it was a miscast. I hope I am proved wrong as she has only been in a handful of episodes.

Acting: The acting seem to take a step back this week after a good stretch run. But once again not enough to take that much away from the episdoe.


Arrow continues to show why it’s one of the best comic book shows on television. While there are a few minuses in regards to acting and Laurel’s story, the show continues to grow and prosper.


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