Recap And Review: Arrow ‘City of Heroes’



Arrow returned last night from its season to season sabbatical, and was looking to cash in on the momentum that was gained with the season finale. The season finale that saw Oliver’s world literally crumble down around his feet was a resounding success that got a lot of people hooked to see what will happen in season two. Loss and heart ache were just a few of the emotions felt during the finale, and similar tones were carried over into the first episode of season two.

We pick up sometime after the destruction of The Glades with Felicity and Diggle taking a questionable ride on an airplane. Felicity is scared out of her mind, but Diggle reminds her to stay focused on the mission at hand: Finding Oliver. Our question as to where they are looking for Oliver is quickly answered, as in a stroke of genius by the writers, Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim, he has retreated to the one place he knows the best, the island in which he was stranded on. The visuals for the island were really well done for a TV budget and looked spectacular.

City of HeroesDiggle and Felicity convince Oliver to come back to Starling City, where a few citizens have formed a copycat group inflict their own brand of “Hood” justice. We are first introduced to this group when they hit a fundraiser that was being attended by Laurel. Laruel’s father also shows up after the attack where we learn that he has been demoted and is allowed to stay at the crime scene only as a concerned father.

Elsewhere Thea and Roy are still seeing each other, however there is a rift in the relationship as Roy has turned into somewhat of a vigilante himself. This extremely well written episode, also features Oliver (as well as Roy) trying to convince Thea to go see their mother, who after the events of last season is in prison.
With all the family problems he is experiencing Oliver also has to deal with Isabel Rochev, who is leading the charge to take over Queen Consolidated, as well as constant nagging from Felicity and Diggle to return as The Hood. After an attack on him at the office compounded with an attack at his club, that Thea now operates, he is thrust back into his life as The Hood when the copy cats take his sister hostage.

After look at the new and improved headquarters, and some new ground rules for him as The Hood, Oliver suites up and goes after Thea’s captures. This here is where the show thrives, the Arrow stunt team is second to none, and delivers top notch actions beats. Obviously Oliver saves the day, and rescues Thea who immediately goes to the prison to mend her broken relationship with her mother. After his quest Oliver shares a moment with Laurel at Tommy’s grave.

Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle are back at the head quarters where they are talking about how Oliver will precede this go around as The Hood. Things take and immediate turn for the awesome when he proclaims that he doesn’t want to be known as The Hood any more. When queried with what he would like to be called the show ends with Ollie staring at one of his green arrows.

What I liked:

References: We were treated with a plethora of DC Comics nods. Central City and STAR Labs being only the tip of the iceberg.

The action: This show brings it, and brings it amazingly.

The Island: I didn’t go into it in the recap, but it was and continues to be, amazing.

The character relationships: Things are still rocky after season one, but everything is moving in the right directing.

What I didn’t like:

The acting: While everyone has improved leaps and bounds since the pilot, it’s still a little shaky. It encourages me though that I see improvement in each episode.


Really solid start to the season, it looks like writers have some pretty intense thing in store for Oliver this season. Between the repercussions of The Undertaking, Tommy’s death, and Isabel Rochev trying to take over Queen Consolidated, this season should be a wild ride.

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