Rapid Fire Rundown Of Marvel’s NYCC Announcements Pt 2: Dan Slott On SILVER SURFER, FANTASTIC FOUR Ending And Much More


marvel bannerLast night we had a rundown for all of Marvel‘s major comic book announcements during Friday’s various panels. Tonight we run down all the big developments for Saturday in another edition of Rapid Fire Rundown. If you need to catch up on Friday’s news, click right here for part 1. Today saw a whole new batch of books announced from some big creative teams. While a lot of new things were getting ready to start, one thing is coming to an end. The Fantastic Four title will conclude with issue 16. There’s some weird developments with that particular bit of news, but we’ll get to that later. Read on for all the highlights of Marvel‘s comic announcements for Saturday!

deadpoolMarvel‘s Infinity Digital Comics series will be expanded even further with the launch of Deadpool: The Gauntlet from writer Gerry Duggan and Reilly Brown. The limited digital series will follow the events of Duggan’s The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly but will be a standalone story in its own right. The comic will see Deadpool taking on a job for Dracula. (You can click any cover to expand)

Editor Tom Breevort challenged fans who have been taking to the internet the last few years demanding female led comics. He said that they need to prove they want it by picking up titles like She-Hulk and the recently announced Black Widow. Fans should be happy to hear those series are coming in 2014, but we’ll see if they’re happy enough about it to part with their money.

Marvel Senior Editor Mark Paniccia talked a little bit about All-New Invaders kicking off in January. Writer James Robinson will be translating some of his lover for the Golden Age of comics into the series set in modern times. Paniccia touched on the event that will bring the WWII era heroes back together, saying “Very organically, a cosmic element came out of this, where the Kree have a device that can control the Asgardians. Back in World War II, Bucky, The Human Torch and Namor stopped it, and they hid the device. The series is set in the present, using those WWII events as the jumping-off point.”

war machineSome new comics announced was an Iron Patriot series written by Ales Kot with art by Garry Browne for March 2014. The new series will star James “Rhodey” Rhodes as he sets out to prove he’s his own man away from Iron Man’s shadow. Rhodey gets fed up with being a Secret Avenger and going on countless global spec ops, so he directly disobeys orders and sets out on his own. A Ghostrider series was announced for March as well. It will be written by Felipe Smith with art from Tradd Moore. No details about the story were revealed other than it is a “completely different take on the character than what fans have seen before.”

surferThe biggest new series announced (for March also) was Dan Slott and Mike Allred’s Silver Surfer. It wasn’t a very well kept secret, but the news was made official. Slott said that the Surfer was the first character he was ever introduced to, having read The Galactus Trilogy at his cousin’s house. The series will see the Surfer taking on a companion named Dawn who will go on wild and wacky adventures with him. Slott may be channeling some of his Doctor Who love with this series. We’ll have to wait and see. Slott accidentally pitched the series in an offhanded conversation with Tom Breevort. The series will be in addition to his twice monthly Spider-Man book. Working with Allred was a huge dream come true for Slott. A fan asked about characters like Silver Surfer and Black Panther not being able to maintain their own monthly titles, but the panelists said with the expansion of Marvel‘s galactic side meant there has never been a better time for a Surfer solo series.

Editor Steven Wacker spoke with CBR about the  Trial of Jean Grey. He remained cryptic with many of his answers, but Wacker did touch on the incident that starts the story playing out in the pages of All-New X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy:

Really, the incident that set this all in motion was the Phoenix coming back. That goes back to the story that Brian built with all the other guys in “AvX.” What I can tell you from the Guardians’ — and a lot of the cosmic characters’ — point of view is that Earth keeps getting involved in huge messes. So many of these incredibly powerful characters live on Earth, and from what anyone can tell Earth cannot by any measure handle this power. So everyone is afraid of our cute, little planet. If you’re out in the universe, you see that every day there’s some conflagration coming from Earth. It’s like a baby that needs its bottle constantly. Or like Brian on an airplane. Earth is this very angry baby, and there’s a group of important figures “out there” that want to fix that, but you’re also a little scared of that angry baby.
Basically, I’m saying Earth is an angry baby that can shoot beams out of its hands.

fantastic fourFinally, it was revealed that Fantastic Four would be coming to an end. Matt Fraction and Mike Allred will be putting a bow on the series, which we had heard rumors of since Fraction took on Inhumanity and a new Inhumans series. Breevort will break a record by being the longest serving editor on a single Marvel series with Fantastic Four. He told fans in attendance that the book ending is “Done done, with no plans for relaunching. Though I could be lying.” That’s where things get weird. Shortly after the panel IGN posted an article revealing James Robinson and artist Leonard Kirk as the new creative team. They quickly yanked that story down. Bleeding Cool caught it in time though. The story said in part:

…now we know who’s taking over long term: writerJames Robinson and artist Leonard Kirk.

Not only that, but Marvel announced at the Inhumanity panel today that Fantastic Four would be relaunching with a new #1 in February to celebrate the new creative direction.

The story starts at the end, with the demise of the Fantastic Four, and the rest of the series will unravel the mystery of how it happened.

IGN may have got their signals mixed and Marvel was supposed to announce the new development at the panel today, or they may do it tomorrow. Either way it seems the cat is out of the bag now. Robinson did say this on Twitter though:


So there you go. That’s all the big announcements from Marvel comics today. There’s a lot to take in. What do you think? Any announcements jump out at you?

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