RAMBO Creator Says MARVEL Drew First Blood By Printing A ‘Terrible’ Version of His Spider-Man Story


morellAuthor David Morrell is a well-known writer whose most famous work, First Blood, inspired the Rambo franchise. The writer wrote a three-part Spider-Man story back in 2007 but it is just now seeing print. Being billed as Spider-Man: Frost playing out in issues #700.1. 700.2, and 700.3, the story takes place before the cataclysmic events that kicked off Superior Spider-Man. That means Peter Parker and not Doc Ock is in control of Parker’s body. The first two parts have been released, but Morrell has a big problem with the second issue.

frostTaking to his Facebook page earlier today, Morrell revealed that Marvel had changed the second issue and severely affected the story he was trying to tell. Things were taken out and added, which caused Morrell to label 700.2 a “terrible version” of what he had turned into the publisher:

Bad news about the second part of my SPIDER-MAN: FROST comic-book series. Someone at Marvel changed my captions, added weak jokes, repeated captions, deleted captions from panels that needed them, and inserted one caption that contradicts the theme. When I saw this early version, I sent three pages of corrections to Marvel. I was assured that my changes had been made, but for whatever reason, the terrible version got printed, destroying the poignant tone of part one. What a pity. This could have been a gem.

In the comment section of his post, Morrell added a few more things. He pointed out that people who ordered the issue from his local comic shop were given three pages of correction notes he sent to Marvel along with a 4-page essay about writing comics. He told fans asking for the full script that Marvel owns the work and he cannot post it. He did offer hope to those wanting to see it, saying he was told in an email that his original version may be collected in the bound collection when the story is released together. The writer says he doesn’t blame the editor because he knows that it’s “a corporate thing.” Regardless of who is to blame, Morrell says that this experience has turned him off from writing any other comics in the future:

This has been such a disappointing experience that I’m finished with writing in this form. It’s an exciting medium. The scripts are detailed, almost like movie scripts. My goal was extremely high, to make readers actually believe in the characters. The first part was poignant and moving, I thought. Now part two starts with weak jokes that destroy the continuity. One page even has the same caption in two consecutive panels.

The writer had one other outing in the comic book world with 2007s Captain America: The Chosen. With one more issue of his Spider-Man story to go, it will be interesting to see if anything gets changed this time around. Morrell is obviously not happy, so hopefully he will get to release his list of corrections on his Facebook or personal website in the near future.It’s odd that Marvel would dip back into a 2007 story to print now, but it’s even odder that they had a heavy hand correcting things. What do you think about the author’s comments?

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Source : via CBR