THE RAID Director Gareth Evans Would Love To Do An R Rated IRON FIST Movie



The Raid is one of the most popular action flicks to hit in a while. Fans have been raving over the film, and are excited for the sequel that premiered at Sundance. Our own Josh Johnson got the opportunity to check out The Raid 2 and gave it glowing remarks. You can check out his review HERE.

IronFistMany praise The Raid for its action, and think that director Gareth Evans would be a shoe in for a comic book movie. Not just any comic book movie, but Iron Fist more specifically. An Iron Fist movie would apply a lot of the same type of action and fighting sequences as The Raid. However, the question is would Evans be interested? “Totally, yeah,” he said. “I’m not averse to it. My big thing right now is figuring out how to do that action style – and would someone like Marvel let me do a R-rated movie?”

He also went on to say that he doesn’t have anything against PG-13 but, “It’s just that the way I shoot action, it doesn’t need to be bloody or aggressive or ‘stabby stabby’ with knives, but it’s about when someone swings a punch and there’s a connection there, I’m not going to hide that with a camera. I get involved with the guys in that choreography design so I can understand the intricacies of what they’ve done, so that when I shoot it, what the camera angles should be and the editing should be, it’s doing justice to all the work they’ve put into it. In PG-13 action, you hide the chaos and fill it with sound. That’s something I can’t do. So [if I made a comic book movie], it’d have to be an R.”

Like many fans, some of us here at CBT think that Evans would be great for Iron Fist. We even came up with a casting for the character, along with Luke Cage. Marvel hasn’t done any R rated movies yet, and it’s difficult to say whether or not they will. However, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy as we keep you updated.

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Source : Total Film