Producer Deborah Snyder Talks Man Of Steel’s New Take On Lois Lane


lois lane bannerLately we’ve been hearing a lot about Superman/Kal-El/Clark Kent, Zod, Jor-El, and even Pa Kent. It has been a while since we’ve heard much about Amy Adams as Lois Lane. In an interview today with Man of Steel producer Deborah Snyder, we hear a little more about the film’s new take on the feisty female reporter. It sounds like Superman won’t be the only one saving the day this time.

SFX spoke with the film’s producer about several aspects of the highly-anticipated reboot, but Snyder revealed some new and interesting details about Lois and Clark when discussing the differences in their film and previous incarnations of the iconic relationship:

I think that our Lois is a little feistier and stronger. I think both characters are more realistic to us, to society now. Clark to me was always too good to really relate to. He was a little too much this perfect boy scout, and although Lois was feisty and strong she was still always the one being rescued. Not to say that she doesn’t get rescued in our lois lanemovie, but she rescues him right back, in so many other ways, emotionally. And in our film, in our last setpiece, she has a very strong position. There’s something that she needs to accomplish in this plan in order for it to work. I like seeing that she’s a really strong female character, and very proactive.

Amy Adams will be bringing this new and empowered Lois to life. We’ve seen some of her investigative journalist skills in the movie trailers, but the scene in some of the more recent trailers showing Lois asking Superman about the “S” on his chest that really isn’t an “S” gives us our best look at the duo’s relationship so far. Snyder discussed how they decided Adams was their girl:

Amy [Adams] is an amazing actor. With all the casting we tried to get the best actors we could, because it just gives it credibility. In so many ways we didn’t look at it as a genre superhero movie – we looked at it as a great story that we were telling, and we wanted to get the best people. Amy embodied so much of Lois – she’s feisty herself and she’s so versatile, and she was really just perfect for the role.

You can read the rest of the interview where Snyder touches on the rivalry between Henry Cavill and Michael Shannon by clicking here. Adams looks to be a fantastic choice from all the footage we’ve seen so far. We haven’t seen a huge divergence from past Lois Lanes yet, but it seems like we’re going to see some big differences when the lights go out and we get to see the full film. What do you think about Mrs. Snyder‘s comments? Do you think Lois needs to stronger and feistier?

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Source : SFX