Preview: Superior Spider-Man #3 Reveals The Spider Signal And Dan Slott Talks Peter Parker’s Return


spiderman bannerSuperior Spider-Man is rolling along with the second issue hitting shelves this week. Many fans were shocked and dismayed at the “death” of Peter Parker’s mind as Doctor Otto Octavius took control of the web slinger’s body. Otto is now the Superior Spider-Man, but Peter hasn’t completely checked out. The first issue revealed that Parker is still around as what looks like a Jedi ghost. Dan Slott talked about the first issue’s reveal as well as teasing what’s to come in an interview today with CBR. Newsarama also gave us our first look at issue #3.

Slott took a lot of flack for the end of Amazing Spider-Man #700 and the start of Superior. While there are still plenty of detractors, some people are happy to see the real Peter Parker is still around. Slott talked about the decision to show readers that sooner rather than later:

We did it this way because no one was expecting it. Everyone out there assumed we’d have a big reveal later. People thought we’d bring Peter back in a year’s time — or right before the next Spider-Man movie. Everyone was so savvy with how this all works that I thought the best way to keep people off their game was to just put that card on the table right from the get go. You’re all so sure it was coming — Well? Here it is! But if you think that’s all there is, get ready to be wrong.

While Slott’s first few stories with Superior are going to be one-and-done deals, there is a two parter coming up that we’ve seen teased as “Fired.” Slott says that story will feature The Avengers and Cardiac very heavily and we’ll see the Superior Spider-Man possibly getting fired from The Avengers:

Yes, for the most part the way the new Superior Spider-Man interacts with the Marvel Universe is something that will be dealt with in Chris Yost’s “Avenging Spider-Man” series. So this is a pretty major development. For the past 10 years we’ve been used to Spider-Man being on the Avengers. For a lot of the readership Spider-Man is an Avenger now. It’s who he is. That’s how they’ve grown up with him.

So Doc Ock’s behavior as Spider-Man has angered the Avengers and they’re going to boot him off. Or will they? Think about all the people they have on the Avengers. Wolverine is on the Avengers. He kills like 12 people a week. You’ve got Thor on the Avengers. How long can he go without smiting somebody? And you’re going to kick the Superior Spider-Man off the team because he’s a jerk?

That’s kind of a weird double standard. We have killers, but not jerks [Laughs].

You can check out the full interview with the Spider-Man writer on CBR by clicking here. You can check out the preview for issue 3 below (click to expand). It was definitely a surprise to see ghost Peter popping up the first issue of Superior. Dan Slott did troll us slightly since many were expecting the OG Parker to pop up in a years time or before the next movie at the least. From everything we’ve seen and heard about the Superior Spider-Man plans, there seems to be some credence to the rumor that it is resetting Parker to his pre-Avengers and One More Day world of being an outcast and a loner. My money is on Otto tearing down a lot of thing we’ve seen built up in recent years with Parker coming back in control to pick up the pieces. What do you think?


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