Preview Pages For Hulk/Daredevil Crossover; More Hulk Crossovers And Team-Ups May Be In The Cards


dd hulkEver since Mark Waid took over writing duties for The Indestructible Hulk, fans have been waiting for the big Green Behemoth and The Man Without Fear to cross paths. It’s finally going to happen in June when Blind Rage kicks off in the pages of both books. In a recent chat with CBR, Waid discussed that crossover as well as everything else he has planned related to the Marvel Universe.

Waid started off by talking about how all the connections we’re starting to see in his books came about. The writer feels like he gets to play in his own “super science” corner of the Marvel universe and that made the connections happen spontaneously and organically:

I think it really did happen spontaneously, but as I got into it, I kind of liked this idea of building up my own little corner of the Marvel Universe over here that’s self-feeding but not separate or apart from the larger Universe. If I can have Daredevil and Hulk have more adventures together, if I can have Hank Pym swing in on both books from time to time to create some connective tissue, all the better. Marvel has been great about letting me play with the toys I’m most attracted to rather than trying to keep things out of my hands. That flexibility makes it a lot of fun, and it helps that little corner of the Marvel Universe — this super science corner — feel like a place.

blind rageAfter teasing the Daredevil/Hulk crossover with the pages you see below, Waid fielded some fan questions. When asked if Hulk being an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and a member of the Secret Avengers would lead to appearances from Nick Fury Jr., Waid said that at some point that will happen. He said there have been talks for year two of the book to use “more of the S.H.I.E.L.D. cast” including Agent Coulson. Some of the other Hulks may be popping up as well. Waid said that’s another year two idea and that he’s trying to figure out a good story that isn’t just “The War of the Rainbow Hulks.” Fear not longtime Hulk fans, older villains will also be appearing soon. Waid pointed specifically to the Abomination, saying the he is long overdue for a reintroduction.

With Lenil Yu leaving the book, we’ll have a few different artists before there is a more permanent artist on the comic. The writer said they are very happy now with Matteo Scalera, but if the artist ever wanted to take some time off they might go knocking on someone like Howard Chaykin‘s door. If you want to read the full interview where Waid talks about Hank Pym‘s importance post Age of Ultron and some of the things coming up in Daredevil, you can click right here. What do you think about the Hulk and Daredevil crossover? Do you like the preview pages?

As a final shot, here’s what Waid had to say in our exclusive interview a few weeks ago about the plot of the upcoming crossover. If you missed that interview, you can click here to read all the writer had to say about his upcoming projects.

Daredevil and Hulk break up a gun running operation. It’s a super, hyper weapon gun running operation in New York. One of the weapons gets away and somebody has it and it’s loose in Hell’s Kitchen. What I like about this story is that it brings Hulk into Hell’s Kitchen as sort of Daredevil’s partner. It puts Hulk in an unusual and different environment, a very urban environment. Daredevil has to track down this weapon before the city gets destroyed. At the same time he has to control the Hulk and use the Hulk as a blunt instrument.

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