Preview Of Scott Snyder And Sean Murphy’s The Wake #1


wake bannerScott Snyder (Batman) and Sean Murphy‘s (Punk Rock Jesus) highly anticipated 10-issue Vertigo series kicks off this Wednesday with the release of The Wake #1. The story focuses on Lee Archer, a marine biologist who specializes in “vocalization and socialization among aquatic life.” She gets a visit from Agent Astor Cruz from Homeland Security. The government needs an expert in her field to help take a look at something they’ve found at the bottom of the ocean near an underwater oil rig near the Arctic Circle.

Snyder points to John Carpenter‘s The Thing and Ridley Scott‘s Alien as influences for the story. The deep sea will hold secrets that will be revealed in the story that spans eons. The New York Times bestselling writer talks about how the secrets relate to Ms. Archer:

It shocks and surprises her and it actually has ties to her own personal history in ways that are going to be revealed soon in big revelations about what she actually knows about this thing and she isn’t saying anything

The story will feature a big mysterious creature who we’ve only seen teased in the months prior to the story’s release. Murphy talks about designing the big beast and how they’re going to make something special:

When the creature gets angry, its face sort of shifts into a barracuda. When it’s not angry, its eyes will change color here and there. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a comic book try to do that. There’s a lot of stuff Scott and I are throwing at him that will hopefully make the creature really stand out from what you’ve seen before but will be somewhat familiar and scary.

I would imagine if you burn 100 calories reading a normal comic book, you would burn 200 calories reading The Wake because it’s got a lot more ideas and it’s asking the reader to do a lot more work and think about it and look at it differently.

You can read the full interview by clicking here. You can also look at the first preview for the book below, via USA Today. What do you think about Snyder and Murphy teaming up? Will you be checking this one out Wednesday?


The Wake Exclusive Preview

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Source : USA Today