Potential Sub-Titles Revealed For BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN



When it was revealed that Batman would be joining Superman in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel, many fans assumed that the title would be World’s Finest, a name that has followed this duo for some time. The problem with that title, however, is that outside the nerd world, not many people would know the name or what it refers to, therefore  losing the marketability of the characters. The film was given the tentative (hopefully) title of Superman Vs. Batman, a bit generic, but it gets the point across.

What can expect is a sub-title to be added to that main piece and we may have an idea of where Warner Brothers is headed thanks to some recent website domain registrations. Not surprisingly, it looks like they plan on tying Batman into the title by going a more indirect route, similar to what Christopher Nolan did with his final two films. Take a look at the names below.

“Man of Steel Battle the Knight”
“Man of Steel Beyond Darkness”
“Man of Steel Black of Knight”
“Man of Steel Darkness Falls”
“Man of Steel Knight Falls”
“Man of Steel Shadow of the Night”
“Man of Steel The Blackest Hour”
“Man of Steel The Darkness Within”

These titles have already caused a bit of controversy, with some feeling the are too long and not easy to work with from a marketing standpoint, placing it on a movie poster for instance. I can see that with a few of them, but for the most part, these are pretty solid options if you ask me. You still have a bit of an issue with the general public not associated the title with Batman, but if you look at Man of Steel or The Dark Knight, neither of them hint at Superman or Batman, respectively.

Now, keep in mind that these may not even be for the film, but possibly a video game tie-in to the film or something different all together. What do you guys think? Is there a title up there that you prefer? What would you suggest as a title? The Man of Steel sequel is scheduled to begin filming early next year for a 2015 release and will see Ben Affleck join Henry Cavill as the titular characters.

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