Potential Spoiler For BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN Hints At A Possible Plot Point


Batman-Superman-Banner3Earlier today we learned that the Man of Steel sequel would be filming under the title of Sage and Milo. Jake  had that story, which you can read by clicking here. Well this evening a little more about that title and even some possible plot elements for the film have been uncovered by our friends over at the Man of Steel Fan Page. Now these are still early days for Batman vs. Superman and things can change, but if you don’t want to read something that could be a potential spoiler, back out now.

If you’re still here then I’m assuming you’re cool with it. So along with the shooting name Sage and Milo, the Mos Fan Page was sent a few more tips about some schematics that were on location. While they haven’t uncovered why the name Sage and Milo has been chosen, they did get a snap of a folder with the logo. The more interesting point in their report was the schematics for a few buildings. I’ll let you see how they say it:

It was observed that the following “schematics” were on location: 1) schematics for the “Endeavour” spaceship 2) schematics for a Capitol Building and 3) schematics for a LexCorp Cybernetics Division.

The past few days Warner Bros. have been releasing video clips and files on the viral site LearnAboutKrypton.Com which have included presentations, factoids, and schematics from LexCorp. Fans though this might hint the corporation will have a larger role in the sequel. We saw LexCorp logos on trucks in Man of Steel, but this news coupled with the viral site makes it seem we’ll see the actual business and maybe even its founder, Mr. Lex Luthor. The cybernetic division opens up a world of possibilities as well. Could we see something Brainiac related? Could Cyborg be far behind (although probably that will be a different film)? We’ll have to wait and see, but LexCorp could prove to be an important plot point. Maybe businessman Bruce Wayne has an interest in the company? What do you think this all means?


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Source : Man of Steel Fan Page