Potential Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Spoilers: John Hurt’s Secret Revealed


doctor who bannerIf you watched The Name of The Doctor, you know there’s a big secret as to who exactly John Hurt is and where he falls in The Doctor‘s timeline. If you’re a witty little Whovian, you’ve probably figured out a few possibilities. This new revelation falls in to what many have already guessed, but it would be a spoiler so read on at your own risk.

hurtThe Name of The Doctor ended on a huge cliffhanger with a title card revealing that John Hurt was The Doctor. We know he’s not a future Doctor because Matt Smith‘s Eleventh incarnation knew who he was. Clara didn’t see Hurt as she traveled through The Doctor‘s timeline, so it appeared he was a Doctor related to the Time War and its end.

Many noted in the 50th Anniversary set pics that it looked like Hurt was wearing a costume halfway between Doctors 8 and 9. Costume designer Howard Burden has seemingly spilled the beans on just who Hurt‘s Doctor is in a recent interview with The Telegraph during the Royal Family’s visit to the Doctor Who museum. DoctorWhoTV.UK had the rundown of the spoilery quote:

Burden told them Hurt will be a “dark Doctor” but then crucially revealed: “There was a gap between Paul McGann playing the Doctor and Christopher Eccleston, when we didn’t see a regeneration, and John Hurt will fit into that gap. He is a past Doctor, not a future Doctor.”

So he’s probably getting fired. It seems that John Hurt may indeed be the real Ninth Doctor. Paul McGann‘s Doctor went off to the Time War and regenerated, so that means Hurt finished the war between the Time Lords and Daleks. Whether his decision to use The Moment resulted in him regenerating into Christopher Eccleston remains to be seen. Jenna Coleman, who plays current companion Clara, confirmed part of this when speaking with Prince Charles during the museum visit. The video below doesn’t have the best audio, but you can hear Coleman say “We had three different Doctors in here…John Hurt, David Tennant was back and Matt. Three different Doctors playing against each other.” What do you think? Has the secret gotten out or does Moffat have a few more tricks up his sleeve?
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Source : DoctorWhoTV.Co.UK