Possible X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Plot Details Emerge: Plus Wolverine’s Future In Doubt?


apocalypseLast night a brand new X-Men movie was announced to the shock of many fans. Days of Future Past is still several months off, but director Bryan Singer and company are already beginning work on another film for 2016. Fans’ interests were piqued when the title was revealed though- X-Men: Apocalypse. The mutant’s 5000 year old blue-lipped adversary is someone that folks have been wanting to see on film for years. Other than the release date, no other information about the film is known. Today a few possible plot details have come to light though.

Bleeding Cool spoke with Singer a while back during the release of Jack the Giant Slayer, and they asked him about Apocalypse. His answer convinced them the big bad was indeed being used in the near future. Since then the site has been doing some snooping, and they’ve come up with a few potential details. According to them, Apocalypse will be a direct followup to Days of Future Past:

Days of Future Past will lead directly into Apocalypse. There’s a clear narrative thread that will string the two pictures together, and the character of Apocalypse is a good part of how this will work.
Several cast members of Days of Future Past will be wanted back for Apocalypse, including members of both the “past” and “present” timelines.

Since it will pick up the status quo of Days of Future Past, pretty much the entire cast are being eyed for a return. There will be several new characters that will be introduced, obviously. This all sounds pretty logical, but still take it with the proverbial grain of salt.

One person that could possibly be sitting this next film out is Hugh Jackman. Ol’ Wolverine isn’t so sure he can pop his claws and save the day anymore. Speaking with Vanity Fair earlier this week about the Blu-ray release of The Wolverine, Jackman was asked if he would be back for future films and/or The Wolverine sequel:

I don’t know whether or not I will do this next movie. I am really proud of this movie and I am excited to develop something with Jim Mangold from the beginning because that is a great ride. That’s exciting, to see what we come up with but I have a very high expectation of what it would need to be [for me to star in it] and if it doesn’t reach those, I won’t be doing it.

He does go on to say he’s enjoying himself more than ever, and he does say similar things each and every time he’s been asked the question over the past few years, but Jackman‘s time as Wolverine will end one day. The actor says he and Mangold talk on the phone a lot about the story of their sequel, and that film has already gotten the greenlight, so I’d say he’ll at least get one more outing. He says he has to love the script and he’s loved everything they’ve ever given him so far. We’ll still have to move Jackman to the “undecided” column for now. What do you think about the possible plot details? Do you think the X-Men can take on Apocalypse without Wolverine?

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