Possible TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION Plot & Character Details


It’s been a crazy day for rumors, right? Here’s a few more for you, but this time they focus on the upcoming fourth film in the Transformers franchise. We are expecting to see our very first trailer for the sc-fi action film this Sunday during the Super Bowl, but until then, we’ll have to make do with some rumored plot details and character descriptions. Needless to say, the information below could be considered SPOILERS, so continue reading at your own risk, got it?


These rumors originate at the Portuguese website Omelete (via Seibertron), who reported back with information from a recent set visit in which director Michael Bay spilled the beans on some plot information and a few character tid bits. It goes with out saying that a grain of salt should be kept in-hand while reading, but looking at past news stories, it all kind of makes sense.

Last week, we learned that hot looking Lamborghini Aventador is actually the neutral bounty hunter Lockdown, most recently seen in the animated series from a couple years ago. Keep that in mind as you read the rumors below.

There is an accident, and Yeager is suddenly under scrutiny from both the government and also from “alien bounty hunters,” something Bay did not explain any further. When asked about the ties between mercenary bots and Decepticons, Bay also declined to go into further detail.
Then there is a glimpse of a different sort of action for the movie, antigravity. The bounty hunters come to Cade’s farm with the intention to abduct his daughter via a gravitational attraction, and lock her up. There’s also a scene that was reportedly shown to the Omelete reporters, in which an ocean liner levitates out of the water and through an intersection, in front of cars.

There’s also a strong indication that Bumblebee’s new “owner” may be Cade Yeager, as there is scene in which Yeager refers to the bot as ‘Bee and tries to calm him down. While we are fairly sure of the presence of the Dinobots in the film, there was no mention of them in this interview.

Apart from the above info from the Omelete, KPopStarz has some fascinating speculation that we will not only see the Dinobots in the commercial spot during the Super Bowl, but also that we may see a glimpse of Unicron, who is rumored to be appearing in the movie as well. There is talk of leaked audio in which a weak-voiced Optimus Prime bids fairwell to Cade Yeager and the autobots, so this may hint that he is seriously damaged, if not killed, in the film.

Some rather big reveals listed, but it flames the rumor fire that states Unicron will finally be making his big screen debut. Not to mention, with Megatron meeting his end in the closing moments of Dark of the Moon, it’s possible that Galvatron may also be showing up. Now, there were some details regarding Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci‘s roles and how they fit into the big picture.

Stanley Tucci plays an unscrupulous, millionaire designer, who has been building transformers from alien technology. He compares his work to an art form and the original bots to scrap, but when set in the middle of the action, he screams and runs.
Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) enters the movie, carrying what appears to be a piece of a transformer. He’s a widower living with his teenage daughter (Nicola Peltz). The daughter is secretly dating a race car driver, Jack Reynor.

Nothing too groundbreaking in regards to Wahlberg’s role, as we’ve already heard most of that news. Tucci’s character has been much more vague. The roles doesn’t sound to pivotal, but if you look a the bigger picture, there may be a bit more to his role than meets the eye (yeah, I just went there).

Be sure to check back here to Comic Book Therapy once the trailer hit and we’ll be sure to have it posted here for your repeated viewing pleasure. I’m really hoping that we get to see the Dinobots in action, its been a long-time coming!

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