Possible Set Piece For Iron Man 3?


So I was talking to my contact today about the Iron Man filming. Like they said in the report yesterday about the PPD building and college (which you can read by clicking here) filming was largely inside so nothing more than equipment and lights being set up was seen. While we were talking, they did tell me one thing that might turn up in the film.

Iron Man 3 is filming near a college and the Cape Fear lake area this week and next, and one potential set piece is extremely close to those locations- a battleship. It is permanently docked, but it is directly across the river from the college. It fits in well with the military themed pictures we’ve seen along with War Machine’s new armor which we thought was the Iron Patriot. There are scenes of military personnel and such, so interior or deck shots aren’t out of the question.

Right now, this is just the contact’s hunch but he has that on his list to check out when filming starts at the river locations. There is also a Coast Guard station, another boat, around the area of the docked battleship. These locations are near the school, so they are strong possibilities. Hopefully we’ll have more on this later.

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