Possible Concept Art Of Ben Affleck As Batman Lands Online


Batman52bannerIt’s the mystery that has plagued us all since Ben Affleck was announced as Batman, what will he look like in the suit. Sure there have been plenty of Photoshopped versions, but nothing really cut and dry at the moment.

However, we do have something rather interesting that hit a little bit ago. The find comes from Bleeding Cool who noticed that Comic Art Fan House posted a piece of artwork their Facebook page and listed it For Sale. After the post there was a comment from from known concept artist Steve Scott (who worked on The Dark Knight Comic and some Smallville concepts) that said it was the wrong thing, and the post was taken down. But not before fans were able to save the image to their computers.

The image, featured below, looks to have Affleck in the Batsuite with the cowl off. It also shows off some shots of just his head with the cowl on. What is really intriguing is the notes on the sheet. The first one reads, “Lower the ears. No Bat nipples!!!” The next one is the one that catches my attention the most, “Texture should separate Batman from rest of JLA and Superman!” Then they also go on to reiterate that, “Ben wants NO Bat nipples!”

The image in a little sketchy to me for a couple of reasons. One it looks a lot like The Dark Knight/Rises Batsuit. Also this seems to be a pretty BIG slip up for an artist to have. I have no doubt that there is a bunch of concept art laying around already for the Superman/Batman movie, but for it to be laying around with a bunch of art to be sold seems sloppy. Regardless you can catch all the news for the Man Of Steel sequel right here at Comic Book Therapy.batman-affleck


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Source : Comic Art House