Playing The Numbers: How Sebastian Stan May Have Helped Chris Evans Get A Shorter Marvel Contract


CapwintersoldierbannerWe all know about, and some have even fretted over, Chris Evans’ Marvel contract by now. Unlike a lot of his Avengers co-stars, Evans only signed a six picture deal instead of the standard nine. According to Evans it was a compromise on his and Marvel’s part because they really wanted him, but signing a nine picture deal, “scared the hell” out of him.

But what if it was a little more complex than that? Marvel isn’t exactly known for catering to actors, just ask Edward Norton. It doesn’t exactly make sense for the company to push nine picture deals on everyone else, and then turn around to one of their flagship characters and only let him off with six. Unless something else was afoot here, which could be the case.

CaptainAmerics2It’s a pretty well known fact that after Steve Rogers dies in The Death Of Captain America comic storyline, Tony Stark talks Bucky into becoming the new Captain America. Reluctant, after all the death and destruction he caused as The Winter Soldier, Bucky agrees, and dawns a new version of the classic Captain America costume lined with Adamantium in Captain America #34. This is even teased in The Winter Soldier according to director Joe Russo. “There’s a nod in Captain America: The Winter Soldier to that history where the Winter Soldier is holding Cap’s shield. That’s our little wink to the comics, and the future that character will have from the comics,” he teased. So by the sounds of it, this could be a move that Marvel Studios could be very well setting up.

Now for this all to take place, it would require Sebastian Stan to be on board for more than a few more Marvel movies. So just how many movies did he sign up for? This is the question Newarama posted to him while chatting with him about Captain America The Winter Soldier. “Uh…I think…I think I actually have nine,” he revealed. So based on the contract that Marvel has set up with both Stan and Evans that means they could have at least another version of Captain America for some time, depending on how they use Stan in the future, after Evans‘ contract is up presumably aver The Avengers 3. With Captain America: The First Avenger and now The Winter Soldier under his belt that means Stan has seven more Marvel movies he signed up for.

Keep in mind this is completely speculation, I have no inside moles working at Marvel that are tipping me off to anything. I am just playing the numbers game here. There is still a chance that Evans re-signs a Marvel contract similarly to the way Robert Downey Jr. did to come back for the next two Avengers movies.  However, Evans has been pretty vocal about wanting to do more stuff behind the camera rather than in front of it. What Marvel has though, is some options if he decides if he wants to pass the shield so to speak. While we will have to wait a couple of years to find out, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy where we will keep you up to date.

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