Planned Gotham TV Series Gets Direct-To-Series Order


gotham-central-book-one1Last night, news broke that Fox and Warner Brothers would be teaming up to bring a new series to television that would focus on the early years of Jim Gordon on the Gotham police department, before he becomes commissioner and before a certain Dark Knight takes to the streets for his nightly dosage of vengeance. Initially, it was thought that Gotham– the tentative title of the series- would have the usual pilot order and go from there. However, it seems that Fox and company have high hopes for the project, as it was ordered directly to series, much like ABC did with the hugely successful Agents of SHIELD that aired last night.

What we know so far is that Batman won’t be a part of the series, being that the story takes place before he dons the iconic cape and cowl. But, we can expect to see some of the The Dark Knight’s famous rogue gallery likely show up. Some feel that this series is doomed to fail, mainly because who really wants to see a series set in Gotham that doesn’t feature Batman? But, there have been a few comic runs that have done just that: been successful with out the inclusion of Batman on every page. Namely Gotham Central, which was done by Greg Rucka, Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark. The series ran from 2003 to 2006 and focused mostly on the cops in a city that was over-run with criminals, monsters, and a dude in a bat-suit. The story worked more like a “police procedural” rather than a typical comic story. Having now seen Agents of SHIELD, I’d assume the series could work along those lines.

Needless to say, the cops of Gotham have an extensive history and not just with GordonRenee Montoya and Harvey Bullock have been featured in both the pages of the comics as well as in the various animated series. As well as Maggie Sawyer, who leads the Gotham Major Crimes Unit and is engaged to Kate Kane, aka Batwoman. Admittedly, I wasn’t too excited about this idea, but if you really break it down, you could have a really good crime drama on your hands, something along the lines of Criminal Minds or NCIS. Assuming it’s placed in the right hands. It also depends a lot on what writer Bruno Heller has planned and how close his story keeps with the current, or past for that matter, comic story lines

Warner Brothers and DC Comics already have a comic-based hit on their hands with Arrow, and now a planned spin-off from that series, centered on The Flash is also a large possibility. Fox is also in the comic adaptation game, with a series based on Vertigo’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen that will air on the FX network. We’ll keep an eye on this one for you and more news comes along, we’ll be sure to pass it along.


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Source : THR