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Of all the guests that were announced for Phoenix Comic Con, this man produced the biggest wows of the con. With only a small list of roles of major note, this actor won the hearts and minds of fans rather quickly and IMMENSELY at that. We are talking about none other Nathan Fillion, reknown star of the sensational but tragically short-lived retro/western-flavored scifi series spectacular FIREFLY and his current hit mystery/crime/romance series CASTLE. Fillion appeared at his panel in the late afternoon of Saturday, June 7th. His panel being one of the most highly anticipated of all it seemed, even other guests such as Bruce Campbell, and ARROW‘s Stephen Amell made rather significant comical note to it as if they were playing second fiddle to his event.


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Nathan Fillion, greets, and gets down to business rallying with the fans. (L-C-R)


Fillion brought on the charm and friendliness he is known well for on and off-screen and talked about life on the set of his famous roles and what they meant to him, hilarious anecdotes, and opened the floor to all the amusing Q n A that followed soon after. He even touched on a few points related to some of his answers in the Q n A on subjects that were of great interest to him as well(such as getting second chance for Firefly living in the moment of treasuring his time filming the Serenity movie). He also touched on subjects more related to a practical and political note such as green energy technologies, and use of electric cars, as such resulting from being asked about what gadgets would interest him.)


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Nathan Fillion, entertaining the fans and loving it. (L-C-R)


With each question he addressed from a fan, he amusingly offered a watch as a courtesy gift for their participation. QnA continued with fun facts about one episode taking place at a comic con that Star Trek TNG star Jonathon Frakes (Commander Riker, “Number One”) directed.


NATHAN FILLION  – PCC 2014  Video coverage from center.(Courtesy of Nai Wang).



NATHAN FILLION  – PCC 2014  Video coverage from profile right of center.


He ended off with mentioning how much he feels connected with his fans at that moment when he ends a panel, and made his pleasantry exit.  All in all, fans were thrilled and delighted with Nathan Fillion’s appearance at Phoenix Comic Con 2014… With many hoping and wishing he will return for next year the same.  Let us hope he does…

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