Ever so kind, gracious, and just a swell fellow to talk to and listen up on….and a great actor to boot. Danny Glover was pretty much one of the biggest names in legend to be at this year’s Phoenix Comic Con. Going over a legacy of over 30 years in TV and film, and noting most of his famous roles there, Mr. Glover brought smiles, laughter, and great memories to young and old alike.



First friendly Greet (L), then on to talk on his amazing career (C,R)

Mr. Glover got on stage to his panel around 3 pm. A couple of round off questions were made by the host presenter for the panel before the audience’s turn, citing inquiry on what were his influences to pursue theater and acting in general. After which, the spotlight on QnA turned to the general audience, going over various times in the acting career such as his turn on TV Miniseries classic LONESOME DOVE, his famous role in the Spielberg drama classic THE COLOR PURPLE, the LETHAL WEAPON action film series,  the endearing baseball fantasy comedy-drama ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD, the sequel followup to the 80s sci-fi action flick PREDATOR, PREDATOR 2, and others.



The Smiles and laughter Glover brings to the crowd.(L,C,R)

Comic Book Therapy took time out to ask him on his challenging time working the fourth and final feature of the LETHAL WEAPON film series, LETHAL WEAPON 4. We glossed over inquiring on his experience working with Martial arts action film legend/sensation Jet Li on the film as well as going over the more enduring parts of the movie’s final showdown and finale.  Catch the video segments below for a look at the coverage.


DANNY GLOVER - PCC 2014  Video coverage from center.(Courtesy of Nai Wang).


DANNY GLOVER - PCC 2014  Video coverage from profile right of center.


At panel’s end,  Danny Glover most assuredly brought a smile to his fans at all he had to talk, laugh and reminisce on, not to mention a few new projects down the road.    We definitely hope to see him again at yet another Phoenix Comic Con!







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