Phil Lord And Chris Miller On MARVEL, DC, And Being Offered Comic Book Movies


lord and millerPhil Lord and Chris Miller are truly a dynamic duo. The writers, producers, and directors have been on an incredible hot streak the last few years. They were behind Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, its sequel, and 21 Jump Street, but the two men were launched into the stratosphere with the smash-hit that is The Lego Movie and the upcoming 22 Jump Street which looks poised to be an even bigger success than the first flick. It seems everyone wants a piece of Lord and Miller nowadays. The duo reportedly turned down Ghostbusters 3 and are looking at several projects they might work on next, but one thing a lot of people have been asking is whether or not the guys would tackle a big comic book movie. In a recent interview with Collider, the duo reveal they have in fact been offered a comic book movie in the past. While the genre is something they would seriously consider doing, it’s not something we should expect to see in the near future.

lord and millerThe site was able to have a very impressive chat with the two men about comic books and the current success of comic book movies at the box office. Lord and Miller talk about their experiences with comic books as kids, admitting that they liked the “What If?” comics and character guide books more than anything. Lord is a huge Howard Chaykin Shadow fan from back in the day when DC was printing those though. While they admit they were Marvel fans, they do enjoy DC as well. They admit that Marvel movies are dominating right now, but they believe Warner Bros. is just biding their time and waiting to strike in a big way. When it came to the movies themselves, the two man team admitted they’ve been offered some superhero material in the past. They’re open to the idea, but they’re not quite there just yet:

MILLER: We’ve been talking to people about lots of different things, and there’s lots of things that excite us.
LORD: But there’s nothing imminent. These projects are so big.
MILLER: And they take years of your life.
LORD: And then you get identified with that.
MILLER: And we don’t wanna make things that we’re not so passionate about creatively and excited about because you have to give so much of yourself to it… We haven’t committed to anything yet, I mean we’re talking to people about things and there’s lots of things that are very intriguing for sure, but let me take a nap first.
LORD: If it feels like a job, then you’ve failed… It comes down to, do we have a killer idea for it? Does inspiration strike?

You can watch the full video at the source link below, as well as hearing a whole lot more from Lord and Miller on what the future may hold for them. There has been a pretty vocal group out there that have mentioned Lord and Miller would be an interesting choice for a Deadpool movie. Those two could have a lot of fun with a character like Deadpool, but seeing them do any comic book movie would be very cool. What do you think about their comments? What comic would you like to see the duo adapt?

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Source : Collider