THE PHANTOM To Possibly Get A Movie Reboot


phantomBannerA couple of years before Superman and Batman graced us with their presence in comic books, there was another masked hero that captured the imagination of kids in the form of a daily comic strip. His name was The Phantom. The character was created by Lee Falk and along with the daily black and white strip, would have a colorized version in the Sunday papers.

The Phantom first takes place around the time of 1536 when the father of British Sailor Christopher Walker is killed by pirates. Using his rage as motivation to fight evil, Walker takes an oath to have his legacy continue by passing the mantra of The Phantom to his son, and to have his son do the same and so on. This earned The Phantom several nicknames through out the years, most notable “The Ghost Who Walks.” In most Phantom stories, we follow Christopher’s ancestor Kit as he dawns the purple costume with his trusty horse Hero and his trained wolf Devil.

222184-163535-phantom_large_7493Back in 1996 a movie of The Phantom was developed which starred Billy Zane. The film was a critical and box-office flop only pulling in only 17 million at the box-office. That’s a pretty big hit in the red for Paramount who invested what is estimated, around 45 million in to the flick. However, the movie does have it’s following, including yours truly who had the poster on his wall as a kid. There was also a TV series, that only lasted one season, which stared Ryan Carnes as well.

It now looks as if there could be another go at making a film based off the character. The Tracking Board is calling exclusive on some details of a new effort to revive one of the oldest superheroes on the big screen. They are hearing that Mark Gordon, who has had his hand in a number of hit movies and TV shows, is leading the effort to get The Ghost Who Walks another movie with one of his executive producers Drew Simon leading the charge. Joining Gordon in his crusade is the company Management 360.

Keep in mind this is not one of the big Hollywood trade sites reporting this, so keep this filed in the rumor category for now. There is no information of a possible release date or casting for the film. There isn’t even a story in place, but the site does say they are looking for writers on the project. Whatever happens, we will keep you up to date on The Phantom here at Comic Book Therapy.

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Source : The Tracking Board