Peter David On The End Of X-Factor

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xfactorIt had been rumored that X-Factor would be ending soon. The biggest hint was that the next arc was entitled “The End of X-Factor.” Some were holding out hope that it would be a metaphorical end or that the book would get a Marvel NOW! reboot. Those hopes were shattered when Marvel announced at C2E2 the series would indeed end with issue #262. Peter David spoke briefly with CBR about the books end.

David first started writing X-Factor way back in 1991, but his return in 2006 laid the framework for the team we know today. The writer will be tying up several loose threads in the final few issues of the series. David comments on why now is a good time for it to reach its finale:

It just seemed like a good time. I introduced the ‘Hell On Earth War’ which shook things up to such a degree that it seemed to me that I could not really top it. This series has been going for 10 years, and the sales were solid but not huge. It just somehow seemed a logical, dramatic climax to everything that I’ve been doing.

After fans find out the fate of Wolfsbane‘s son Tier, The End of X-Factor will really kick off. The final stories will begin with #257 as David focuses on the core cast in some stand-alone stories. David wanted to do that as a final challenge as it were: “I want to do stories that came after ‘Hell On Earth’ and focused on each of the individual characters in different ways. It was kind of a personal challenge, really, producing half a dozen individual stories since one-issue stories seem so unusual these days.” You can read the rest of Peter David‘s quotes on the end of the series by clicking here. What do you think about X-Factor‘s ending? Were you expecting it to end after you heard the new arc’s title?


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