Peter Capaldi’s Era Of DOCTOR WHO Will Be A Little More ‘Raw’ According To Moffat


capaldiOn Christmas Day we watched Matt Smith‘s Doctor age hundreds of years before our eyes, get a full new set of regenerations, go back to his normal looking self, and then quickly change into Peter Capaldi. While the episode was divisive among fans, there’s no denying it was an emotional roller coaster. The thing about Doctor Who is you don’t stay sad for long because you’re excited for what comes next. In this case it’s Peter Capaldi taking over the TARDIS and putting his own stamp on the iconic show with series number 8. Showrunner Steven Moffat recently revealed a few details about the new direction the show will take as Capaldi takes the lead.

Doctor Who gets a new lead actor from time to time, but it also goes off into a new direction and takes on a different tone when a new man comes and inhabits the TARDIS. That trend will continue with Capaldi, and Moffat says the show will be a little more raw this time around compared to Smith‘s more fairytale-ish stories:

If Russell [T Davies] had stayed on, [the show] would still have changed. I remember when we had our handover chat, he was saying ‘so what are you going to do, are you going to change that?’ and I said ‘well, what would you change?’ and we both agreed ‘it’s time to kick a lot of stuff out’. And actually, it is time again to do that. I just felt watching last time around [Series 7] that ‘oh, it’s time we fixed that and changed that and moved that up a bit and changed that tone.’
It changes all the time, and it’s keeping ahead of the audience in a way. All shows age and they all age sort of in the same way. You learn how to do it, you get really slick at it, and then you think you’re really, really slick at it and everyone’s started to yawn. And you think ‘oh God, we’re really slick at this but everyone knows what we’re going to do.’ So now we’ve got to actually get a bit raw at it and do it in a different direction. It happens on every show – you get good at it and ‘good at it’ is the enemy in the end.

Capaldi is a fantastic actor so it will be interesting to see what he will bring to the role. He’s older compared to the other Doctors, but I think you’d be very mistaken if you think he’s going to be taking it easier compared to the previous incarnations. I see things taking a more Tom Baker approach with a dash of Colin Baker‘s crotchety and gruff Sixth Doctor thrown in at times. Series 8 begins filming next month and is expected to air in August, so we don’t have too long of a wait to see how Capaldi‘s first season plays out. What do you think about Moffat‘s comments?


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Source : Nerd3 via CultBox.Co.UK